Respect to my Readers (Plus Pause)

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As a mark of respect to my readers that live in the public web domain (i.e. are not in Google Plus yet) and trust that I write openly for the internet, I’ve decided to refrain from using Google Plus until it becomes a public service. Yes, you can read my public postings but you can’t read my ‘restricted’ postings and that’s not what I intend to do as a blogger, connector and communicator.

It came to me yesterday when I was talking to a local friend and respected mobile video journalist. I started talking about Google Plus and my friend just couldn’t relate. Then, this morning I followed a process that is becoming common as I wake up in the mornings. Twitter (groups), Reader, Email and now, Plus. I was faced with a lot of noise and a feeling of unrest as I saw Google Plus ‘exclusives’ from Robert Scoble and others. There’s a little too much social media jostling in there for my liking and not enough of the general public so for the time being, I’m out.

I look forward to the day when it’s public (rumors point to end of July) and I suggest you try and get in as soon as possible to check it out. It’s interactive and very interesting on the Android platform.

And so, back to my normal service over at UMPCPortal, Carrypad, Ultrabooknews, MeegoNews, MeetMobility, Solar-UMPC, Twitter, Flickr and…oh just read this.

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