Samsung 900X1B now Shipping

Posted on 05 August 2011, Last updated on 05 August 2011 by

Want something that’s like an Ultrabook, but isn’t, officially?

The Samsung 900X1B is the Core i3 (2nd gen) 11” version of the 900X3A ‘Series 9’ that we tested a short while back and while it’s not labeled, ‘UltraBook’ and may not have the best of the 2nd-Gen core platforms (no Turbo-Boost for example) the 900X3A breaks the $1000 barrier and comes in under the average netbook weight at 1.06KG. The MacBook Air is the direct competitor but if you want Windows, this is about the only ‘Ultrabook’ option today.

I’ve spotted that in both J&R (U.S.) and Amazon (DE) the device is now shipping.

amazon shipping JR shipping

It’s got the backlit-keyboard and we assume the same fast SSD as on the 13” Core i5 system. Battery life is unknown but we believe it’s got a capacity that’s 10% less than the 13” model. Some of that should be offset by lower screen usage but 4-5 hours of usage should be about right in terms of expectations.

Full specifications are in our database.

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