Fujitsu TH40/D Slider Tablet Hands-On

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You’ve probably seen plenty of previews of Windows 8 over the last 12 hours or so given that its just gone publicly available as a preview. The operating system offers multiple usage scenarios for touch, mobile and productivity. Devices like the Fujitsu TH40 will benefit highly from Windows 8 as they too offer multiple usage scenarios.

I was really quite impressed with the device after my hands on at the Intel Atom Showcase here at IDF. Of all the Oaktrail devices I’ve tried, this has been the best experience yet. I was left wondering why this is only available in Japan.


Look out for the optical mouse pointer. Given my experience with other Oaktrail devices I would put the working battery life, screen on, at about 4-5hrs. Two points I would have to think carefully about are the longevity of the slider mechanism and the processing power which, on Oaktrail, is never really going to impress anyone.

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  1. aftermath says:

    I find it incredibly bizarre and disheartening that among the “usage scenarios” that Windows 8 offers, the one that you failed to identify was TABLET computing. Windows 8 continues with Microsoft’s history of offering the only legitimate consumer tablet operating system. Like its predecessors, it includes on-going improvements in hand-writing recognition and advanced stroke capturing and editing, not to mention additional features which benefit the slate form factors of most tablets like total voice command and recognition as well we on-screen keyboards and touch-alternative widgets. I know this information is inconvenient in the sense that you continue to promote the fairy tail that non-tablet slates are tablets, but your failure to identify how Windows 8 might uniquely benefit a properly equipped tablet just makes no sense at all.

  2. Clio says:

    Spec page:

    The 120GB drive is a 4200rpm Hdd, resolution 1024 x 600, weights approx 1.1Kg, with 23Wh battery.

    I’m worried about the “Oreo effect” seeing how you lifted up the screen portion so easily… if the machine is tilted back enough when it’s in notebook form, will the screen see-saw on the hinge behind it and the whole thing collapse back into tablet form?

  3. timon says:

    Fujitsu TH40 is an idiot design, its memory is not interchangeable, only 1 GB but it runs Windows 7. It was beginning sale in Japan July, apparently the marketing result is too bad. (street price 850 USD or more, not cheap)

    2 GB memory is a necessary condition, for the 32bit Windows 7.

  4. turn_self_off says:

    The hinge system reminds me of one of the early convertibles that Acer made before the rotating screen became the de-facto standard.

  5. timon says:

    NEC LT550/FS to be sales in next month Japan, it is far better than Fujitsu TH40.

    Screen, IPS 1280×800 high brightness, 10.1-inch, (unfortunately, there is now no 7-inch or 8.9-inch).

    Battery, interchangeable, 10.6 hours, 34Wh.

    HDMI out on body, yse.

    USB port on body, yes, 2 ports.

    SD card slot, yes.

    Weight, 720g, body.

    ExTOUCH software is included.



  6. timon says:

    NEC LT550/FS, 2GB DRAM, PC2-6400. 64GB Serial ATA SSD. Atom Z670.

  7. orchard Computers Services says:

    I have been testing Windows 8 and found that it will run great on the tabs but it is noting going to support flash playback?

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