Samsung Series 7 Slate PC Hands-On Video

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The Windows Tablet PC reputation never really earned anything through the cheap netbook-based versions that hit the market over the last few years. Low power processors, lack of docking stations and capacitive touch layers that prevent anyone from taking advantage of the natural input features. The Samsung Series 7 slate should fix that!

It’s the first Sandy Bridge (2nd generation Core i5) tablet PC I’ve ever tried and wow, she flies. The digitiser works well and the slate will be delivered with a dock and keyboard as part of the package. It weighs less than a kilo and Samsung tell me it will return up to 7hrs battery life. Ok, lets take the 30% ‘marketing markup’ off that and call it 5hrs. That’s usable although I know from my work with Ultrabooks that you can easily get carried away and kill the battery in half that time.

I like it a lot, just like I like Ultrabooks a lot. They fit in nicely above consumer tablet and smartphone usage scenarios that are eating into the reasons you might buy a netbook and they truly negate the need for a desktop. This mobile/desktop usage scenario certainly helps to justify the price which, as can be expected, is going to around the same 1000-1100 € or $ level as Ultrabooks.

There’s another Series 7 slate article over at Ultrabooknews.

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  1. TiM says:

    I really like my HP TouchSmart Laptop/Tablet, and I have not seen anything that has made me want another Windows Tablet till now! I love how its still pretty thin and packs as much power as it does! As much as I would miss my keyboard in the convertible, I think I may have to check this out if I retired my HP anytime soon!

  2. Paul says:

    I have been using pen-enabled notebooks since 1988. My current employer unfortunately doesn’t offer such notebooks, so I am “crippled”.
    I need to convince the IT dept. to get me one.
    The productivity gain is big, especially for browsing, research, presentations, team work (e.g. brainstorming).

  3. reverendo says:

    This just might fit the bill for me. Great specs, great form factor… just want to see how battery life will be in real-world settings.
    I just might grab one if it starts selling in the next week.

  4. animatio says:

    offering a keyboard for a windows/ linux pc/tablet is simply said not a deign flaw but a bloody stupidity. reason why: either one works ergonomically on the the screen (mostly digitizer pen) or with the keyboard, but keyboard and finger / digipen on screen is bloody unhandy and ergonomically spoken not only a setback bat a handycap.

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