WeTab Will Migrate to Tizen for 2012

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wetabThere are a couple of things I want to bring to your attention about the WeTab 11.6” Atom-based Tablet, currently available in Europe. Firstly, they’ve obviously got to migrate everything from Meego to Tizen now. They’ve released an up-beat statement saying they’ll be ready for the release in 2012 but my heart goes out to this company that put many eggs in the Meego basket. Yes, others have too but they had the first Meego product and have worked hard over the last year to bring updates to the users. I just hope Intel will support them with this move.

Meego, Tizen announcement from yesterday.

We assume that the planned upgrade to a Meego 1.2 based OS is now cancelled while all effort is put into the Tizen migration. We’re waiting for confirmation on that.  Confirmed. There won’t be a new Meego 1.2 update now.

Secondly, the WeTab might be an interesting product to buy right now. Not because of Meego and Tizen but because of Windows 8. There are few tablets out there that offer the screen resolution needed for the Windows 8 Metro interface and if you’re looking to write and test Metro apps or do some testing with Windows 8 on Atom in general you can pick up a 32GB version, with 3G, for just 349 Euro. Even more interesting is the fact that it’s being sold under the German Medion brand as the MEDION MD 98512. Medion have just been bought out by Lenovo. There’s hope for some funding there! Maybe they can take the Lenovo P1 and do something with it too?

Alternatives for Windows 8 testing would be the MSI Windpad 110W (AMD, €500 without 3G) and MSI Windpad 120W (Cedar Trail, not yet available) or the Samsung Series 7 at around €1000, expected at end of October in Europe.

WeTab – Tizen announcement (German)

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  1. turn_self_off says:

    Barely available in Europe i would say.

  2. nK says:

    forgive my ignorance, what’s Tizen? a new OS?

  3. zeo says:

    Yes, Tizen is replacing MeeGo…


  4. Plantje says:

    I bought a second hand WeTab for 325 euro. A week or two later in the Netherlands it is begin sold (NEW!) for 236 euro!

    And Windows 8 is exactly what I am using it for now. It’s really nice to have a sandbox device with these specs for this little money!

  5. Chippy says:


  6. pispot says:

    You forgot the Acer Iconia W500.
    A really good AMD C-50 based Tablet for 460€. Good Quality, good screen & sound, idles down to 3,6-3,8 Watts. C-50 is MUCH better than Atom. Sorry intel…

  7. Chippy says:

    I thought the W100 had 1024×600. Sorry.

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