5 Asus UX Zenbooks Launched in US, Europe. Starting at $999 €999

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At an event in New York today, Asus presented the final model line-up, specifications, price and availability for the Zenbook (yes, a new name to confuse us all) range of UX21 and UX31 Ultrabooks. Starting price (MSRP) is $100 above the Acer S3 offering at $999 and availability is tomorrow in North America.

There are no Core i3 devices available in the initial line-up and all start with a usable 128GB of full SSD storage.  The model line-up is as follows:

  • UX21E-DH52  [See base space here] – $999
  • UX21 as above with Core i7 (2677M at 1.8Ghz) – $1199
  • UX31-DH52 [See base specs here] – $1099
  • UX31 13.3 as above with 256GB SSD – $1349
  • UX31 13.3 with Core i7 (1.8Ghz) and 256GB SSD – $1449

Press Release from Asus USA.

In Europe:

Entry level for the UX21-KX400V is 999 Euros (base model as above) with the Core i7 version for €1099 (Germany)

Entry level for the UX31E-RY009V is also 999 Euros (Core i5 with 1.7Ghz) which is interesting as the US customers have to pay a premium over the entry level UX21. Add 100 Euro for the Core i7 and another 100 Euro for the extra 128GB SSD. I guess Asus just wanted to keep the prices simple.

Europeans should start to see the devices filtering in from November


Remember these are all MRRP (recommended retail prices) and street prices are likely to drop from these levels.

The UX21 is marketed as a ‘6 hour’ device and the UX31 an ‘8 hours device.’ Our recommendation is to chop 30% off these figures to get to a real-world, in-use figure.

We haven’t seen any evidence of Wi-Di or Smart Connect support on the ASUS UX Zenbooks

If you see any online pre-order pages go live in the next 24 hours, please let us know.


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5 Comments For This Post

  1. Dan Brown says:

    Awesome! I’m happy to see they’re starting to roll out! Asus is a beautiful designer… the price is a little high, and I still have my eye on the U300s.

  2. FredrikAug says:


  3. chippy says:

    Yeah it took a while since Jonny was on stage at Computex in June!

  4. Sorenskdlsdflk says:

    How come it says “Acer”?

    Add 100 Euro for the Core i7 and another 100 Euro for the extra 128GB SSD. I guess Acer just wanted to keep the prices simple.

  5. Alp says:

    may be lenovo u300s with i7. but if it will pricey i think about the asus ux21 with i7

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