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Head on over to Anandtech and stay tuned because they’ve just got an Asus Zenbook UX21.

This $1199, 2.3lb, Core i7 1.8Ghz Windows laptop (try finding that combination in any other product. It’s truly groundbreaking) should get a thorough test and review by the well-respected team over there.

Without stealing their content I’ll just say that the UX21E-DH72 matches the MBA for battery life and turns in an excellent PCMark score in the first set of tests they Anandtech have done so far. Check out the details here.

ANANDTECH – First tests with UX21

Remember that you can get a Core i5, 1.6Ghz version of this for $999 which I personaly find a better value solution. European prices start at a (tax inclusive) €999 for the Core i5 version and €1099 for the Core i7 version – only a €100 premium.

Full specs and more links, images, information in the database. Asus UX21 Information Page.

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  1. Michaelpaulpenang says:

    Getting a mere 4 hours for such a pricey equipment is a disgrace. In today’s world, the de facto standard is 6 hours and above.

  2. Chippy says:

    Think of it in terms of CPU power / battery per 1lb / kilo. It’s better value than a netbook! You’ll get more video editing done per $100 on this than on a netbook for example.

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