XPPhone V2 Coming With Intel Inside. Enjoy the Press Release

Posted on 27 October 2011, Last updated on 03 January 2014 by


It looks like the XPPhone guys are at it again with their ultra-converged solutions. This time a 4.8″ mini slate ‘phone’ running on a 1.6Ghz Atom platform.

Not much information is given in the press release regarding specifications but given that all the Images are renders, this is likely to be something for 2012, and a rather niche market given that the weight and active standby time on this ‘phone’ is going to be restrictive.

We doubt its a Medfield phone but we’ll keep an eye on this one as a Viliv S5 alternative. In the meantime, enjoy the press release!


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  1. stratom says:

    No physical thumb keyboard and mouse? Pass.

  2. Gadgety says:

    Well in the images they show an XPhone with a slider keyboard. Perhaps that is the old version, but why would they suggest a keyboard in case they weren’t planning on one?

  3. zeo says:

    The older version did have a slider keyboard but it could be they are considering selling two versions of the new model and one would have the docking port options, along with the slider keyboard, but will be much thicker than the phone only version, which would also lack many of the ports.

    While alternatively, they may be considering a docking station solution instead for the newer model.

    1.6GHz should give it much more performance than the Fujitsu Loox F-07C though. I just wonder which version of the ATOM it’s using?

    The long talk time seems to suggest Medfield…

  4. timon says:

    Here Chinese media reported that the xpPhone v2 is with Atom Z530 processor, but the news is yet unable confirmed.

    Also, up to now, the xpPhone v1 did not get channel sales in Chinese from mainstream markets and major business channels, the company is in ShenZhen China, a small company, nameless. Do not know they will be how to deploy the xpPhone v2 to the market.

    In China, there are much of small companies, you are unable confirm them.

  5. lowel says:

    This company seems to like putting EOL CPUs their devices. While I prefer a slider design, I wouldn’t replace my N5 with the xpPhone based on the rumored specs.

    Also, why is it still called xpPhone if it’s running Windows 7? I didn’t read the press release. Maybe they changed what XP stands for now.

  6. Reader says:

    It is driven by an outdated Z500 CPU (possibly up to 2 Ghz)

    Looks like it is going to be a slider phone, without cameras.

  7. Reader says:

    @timon: on the one hand it’s nice to see small companies prepairing UMPCs, but on the other hand they must take into account that they could fail with their products. Viliv is/was a “larger” company and it looks like they are already bankrupt. Besides the XPPhone2 there is still the Nav7, the ~5 inch OCOSMOS or another 4,8 inch Slate to be released anytime this year. I forgot the name of the manufacturers of my last example… Some of this is vaporware or never to be released…

    An counter expample would be Fujitsu who have plenty of money and more success in advertising their F-07C and they also have got a greater range of customers.

    What I want to say:
    – big companies succeed (however it’s only Fujitsu at this time. Formerly it was Samsung with its Ultra Premium or Sony with Vaio UX)
    – small (new) ones seem to fail over a short or longer period of time… (Viliv, Raon Digital, OQO…)

  8. umpcfan says:

    As much as I would like to support small UMPC companies, I just can’t risk buying from them. I was even hesitant in buying my N5 from the largish Viliv company.

    I was interested in the Fujitsu F-07C as an N5 replacement until I read the specs and battery life. I’m hoping Fujitsu would make a 4.8″ version with better specs.

  9. DavidC1 says:

    Speaking of the Fujitsu F-07C, it seems the v2 of the XPPhone is based on older hardware(Menlow) but with same auxililary hardware to achieve high standby and talk battery life.

    I don’t think we’ll see Windows 8 based phones until at least Cloverview at the latter end of next year, and only with first tier manufacturers. The rest is gonna be probably even later than that.

  10. brandontx1 says:

    i hate RIM stupid designs.

  11. c1oudrs says:

    I’m not sure how many people that would buy it… would buy it for the phone capabilities (rather than for the ultraportable features). I can see myself maybe being interested in it and then never activating the phone features. What purposes? Niche. Like for instance I can’t be carrying much weight with me at work (thousands of stairs), but I might be interested in something like this that I could turn into a book reader. The kindles are a bit big, but a small windows 7 could read txt or rtf based audio books without all the pesky trouble of turning them into mp3s. So I’m more interested in battery life/ports/bluetooth. Thanks Chippy.

  12. Sessel says:

    My previous speaker got to the heart of it.

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