Gigabyte T1132N – A Flexible, Expandable Alternative

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I often refer to the Sandy Bridge platform as an HDR Computing platform that can span multiple mobile usage scenarios but how about adding that platform to a product that covers every angle in terms of hardware too? The Gigabyte T1132N might just be that device.


Forget Ultrabook looks but do think about flexibility and expandability.

There’s easy access to RAM and disk upgrades, a convertible toucscreen, a replaceable battery, pre-wired 3G antenna and slot, switchable graphics (Nvidia GT520M), full-size ports and a docking port that connects to a true docking station.

That’s a lot of flexibility. What we don’t know at the moment is the following:
– Battery life. Given a 60Wh battery we would be looking at similar battery life to an Ultrabook.
– Price. The predecessor to this, the T1125N, cost around $/€1000, without the dock.
– Availability. Next-gen Ivy Bridge devices will be available in about 6 months time so if it’s not available until 2012, there may be a good reason to wait.

There’s also the weight price to pay. 1.75kg is about 60% heavier than an Ultrabook of the same screen size!

Having owned a Gigabyte convertible in the past I can say that the toucscreen is quite useful if you get into the habit but with Windows 8 on the way the T1132N could turn into quite a unique proposition.

It’s not an Ultrabook but could be a very flexible alternative.

Gigabyte product page:

Posted from the Galaxy Tab at Droidcon NL.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. johniboy says:

    yeah, but why not buy a windows slate then with a keyboard dock. better form factor and better price. have a look at the samsung series 7 slate for example. there are others, too.

  2. Chippy says:

    I’m not sure about price, the series 7 slate is as expensive as the Gigabyte with the dock. Form factor is a personal choice that I can only comment on from a personal POV. Series 7 slate would work out a bit lighter though and nicer for a tablet experience, I agree.

  3. James says:

    The Samsung Series 7 doesn’t offer a keyboard dock, only a wireless keyboard. While it also lacks user replaceable batteries and any discrete graphic options.

    So this Gigabyte T1132N offers potentially far longer run time and noticeable better graphics than what the Intel GMA 3000 can provide.

    On the downside it doesn’t have a digitizer to enhance the touch screen UI experience. While the convertible form factor is admittedly more clunky.

    Though you have to balance that versus having to carry accessories for the slate like a stand, keyboard, etc.

    While Samsung usually has the edge on design and usability, Gigabyte does provide good port options and one of the few who generally try to provide extensive docking station options.

    So it depends how someone will want to use the system as to whether they’d rather have this solution versus the alternatives.

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