HP Folio Ultrabook Revealed

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Ritchie’s Room has revealed the new HP Folio Ultrabook (not Foleo!)

Update: The HP Folio aka DM3, is now in the database.

It’s a 13.3” business-focused affair with a similar look to the Toshiba Z835/Z830.

hp ultrabook

Available in Core i3 or Core i5 versions it should be available in December. Hop over to Ritchies Room to see the rear side-mounted ports including Ethernet, full-size SD card slot and full-size HDMI along with a nice looking keyboard – and backight. The screen is 1366×768.

The HP Folio is the most ruggedised Ultrabook I’ve come across so far. The rubberised base and sides where the connections are certainly give it a lot of grip and it doesn’t feel like a delicate unit.

Check it out on Ritchies Room. We’ll add it to the database in a short while.

Update: All the details we have are now in the database.

11 Comments For This Post

  1. Adam says:

    It’s a chunky one at 3.3 lbs, isn’t it?

    Hopefully it’s got a way better SSD than the toshiba and an upgrade to an i5 CPU for $100. (The Toshiba currently costs $350 to get from an i3 to an i5…. OUCH.)

    Toshiba’s absolutely crazy to try and sell i5 CPUs for $1,150 with that SSD; the UX31 smokes it for value at that price and even the Macbook air starts to look like more value.


  2. Chippy says:

    It is a chunky one. I hope the extra weight is all battery. A 65WH battery is going to give this 7hrs+ working time – useful.

  3. nummertwee says:

    HP promises a 9hr battery life. If thats the case, i wouldn’t really care about the extra weight.

    I think not the wheigt in numbers, but the way the notebook feels is more important. And by the rubberish finnish, i guess its even more to drag with you in 1 hand for example.

  4. Gregory says:

    Will HP Ultrabooks malfunction more than any other brand just like their netbooks?

  5. Adam says:

    It would be nice to see a thinner screen on the HP model, too. The screen thinness is what makes these things appear thin from the side profile. This looks like the same screen thickness as last years Elitebook models…


  6. Adam says:

    The Verge link says $899 for the i5 version but the DB here shows the i3 version…

  7. Chippy says:

    I’m going through the specs and info with a fine toothcomb right now. . .

  8. nummertwee says:

    Dont really gives you the feeling to have a cutting edge piece of hardware in your hands. allthough it looks like this Ultrabook is more usefull then its Lenovo/acer/asus equilevants.

  9. Adam says:

    The ports are fantastic, the battery life is the best on offer so far (9 hour advertised); the styling is a bit corporate (nearly identical to the HP Elitebooks) but pleasant, if they put a good SSD in it for $900 they have a winner regardless of it being a little portly.

    My company has 20,000 – 30,000 employees who choose our corporate recommended “lightweight” enterprise PC standard (this number is growing quickly as perf in the ultralight segment increases) and I can easily see the TPM version being the #1 lightweight PC on that list. (Lenovo is going to have to up their game/ decrease their price/ quit making butt ugly machines.)

    -Thanks goodness HP decided to not to get rid of their PC division; this proves that US MFGRs can still make a great modern machine. (Although they are defo behind in styling and reputation; sounds like the big 3 US auto makers, doesn’t it?)

    I agree with the commentators who say that they should sell the crap out of the corporate version and still do far better than they think with consumers with this one.

    -Hopefully HP Ultrabook v2 gets a little less portly and more premium styling.
    It’s amazing that HP could throw this together so quickly after basically being told that they’re not going to be in the PC business any more! I look forward to their Ultrabook v2 offering knowing that they’ll have a full cycle to plan that one.


  10. Juliana Zunk says:

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  11. Bill says:

    Are there doors to upgrade the ram and drives, or is it not upgradable?

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