UX31, S3, Z830 Ultrabooks. Live Review [Now Finished]

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Update: Session is over. Videos of the session are available here.

Link to Live Video and Chat: Ultrabooknews.com/live

Tonight: Acer S3 (Core i5), Asus UX31 (Core i7), Toshiba Z830 (Core i7)

Join for Chat, Video and some fun. Bring your favourite tipple because it’s the last live session of the year.

Start: 2100 CET (Berlin – Your Timezone listed here) Duration: 2.5hrs. Agenda below.



Times approximate. Can change.

2100 – Overview of Z830 with impressions. Recorded. Ports, build, materials

2115 – Overview of UX31 with impressions. Recorded. Ports, build, materials

[Note the S3 has already had a live overview session. I won’t do it again tonight]

2130 – First Q&A, Battery measurement start

2140 – Testing WLAN, Brower speed,

2200 –  Talk about keyboard, screen, trackpad on each device. Recorded


2215 – Startup, standby performance. Browser and apps startup demos.

Beer, Q&A

2230 – Battery check, Quick performance tests (Crystal), sound quality

Beer, Q&A

2300 – video rendering head to head. Heat, noise check, battery check (recorded)

Beer, Q&A

2315 – Gaming test ‘Just Cause 2’ – Recorded

Q&A to close. Approx 2330

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  1. komoornik says:

    UX21 in the title here and in the newer news.

  2. Chippy says:

    Corrected. Thx.

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