Medion Lifetab P9514 with 3G. Aldi, €399 From Next Week

Posted on 02 December 2011, Last updated on 03 January 2014 by


This just arrived in my letter box.

The Medion Lifetab P9514 was announced back in early September, but somewhat fell off of the grid since then. Apparently Medion is now pushing the tablet out in time for the holidays, in Germany at least.

The Medion Lifetab P9514 is rocking the obligatory Tegra 2 alongside Honeycomb 3.2. This is a 10″ tablet with a 1280×800 resolution, front and rear cameras, built-in 3G connectivity, and 32GB built-in storage. From what I’ve been able to find, it would appear as though the tablet also includes certified access to the Android Marketplace, which is always a plus. For ports, there is MicroUSB, MicroSD, 3.5mm headphone, and micro HMDI.

The Medion Lifetab will be available from Aldi (a German supermarket chain) for €399 with a release date starting this coming week. It’ll come with a 3G SIM card as well with data options of â‚¬1.99/day or â‚¬14.99/month for access.

An easy deal. Pick one up with your milk at Aldi next week.

9 Comments For This Post

  1. Kasper Kyndsberg says:

    I just wanted the check out whether or not it would also be avaliable in Denmark.

    It’ll also be avaliable in Denmark through Aldi on the 7. of December:

  2. animatio says:

    available in swtitzerland for chf 399.- too. has access to market place and comes with a full office suite preinstalled

  3. durch says:

    Will this item be coming to the UK???? iF SO WHEN???

  4. jcnamur says:

    This is available on the 10th december in Aldi Belgium too at 399 €

  5. Ben Lang says:

    Thanks for the heads up, jcnamur!

  6. Krissi says:

    Wonder if it will support USB on the go… that is be able to host USB slaves like USB pens and hard drives.

  7. rob says:

    Seriously 399? I had a good laugh over that.

  8. pki says:

    want to know if it´s possible to use it as cell phone too (calling like a normal phone) ?

  9. David Simkin says:

    the tablet will be released in Australia on 17th December through Aldi stores @ $499 – there’s no mention if it will be locked into a particular telco.

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