Nokia 803 – Belle, Xenon, Huge Sensor and a strong CPU and I’ll be happy!

Posted on 09 February 2012, Last updated on 09 February 2012 by


I’ve just updated my Nokia N8 to Symbian Belle. It’s a worthwhile update that completely changes the user interface over ‘Anna’ and gives it a much simplified, smartphone-like feel. Pull-down control, info and notification bar, a single layer of program panes and more flexibility in organising multiple home screens. The underlying capabilities seem to be much the same as before which is good and bad because you get lots of configuration options but you still have some limitations when it comes to true smartphone features. Still, the camera is the important bit for most N8 owners and buyers and that’s as good as ever. Wouldn’t it be nice though to have a bit more processing power and more improvements in the software layer? The Nokia 803 could be the answer.

More. . .

Rumored to be the last Nokia Symbian phone (something I can’t get my head round as the software finally matures) the Nokia 803 is said to include.  . . Well look at the picture. Raised lens (much more pronounced than on the N8) and a Xenon flash (one must assume given the shape and position.)

It is likely (as far as I’m concerned) to have a boost in the processor department too which is something that really holds the N8 back when it comes to browsing. Additionally you can look forward to one or two more iterations of Symbian over the lifetime of the 803 which could bring new features.

Frankly, I don’t care. I want the best camera I can find in my pocket at all times. I want it to be quick and connected. It needs to do a great job at phone calls, give me some social networking capability and a browser that allows me to look up a train timetable. A weather app, free navigation, email access and tough build quality is a given and that about completes my requirements. If I want a smartphone with apps, ill use one of the tablets I have with me all the time. (Like now – This being written on the Galaxy Tab 7 while my some sleeps on my chest!)

Exciting. I will be at MWC, I’ll be at the Nokia keynote and you can guarantee I’ll be testing the Nokia 803 camera if I can get anywhere near it.

This is great news for connected pocket camera fans. I just hope the rumor is true. I’m fairly sure it is as a Nokia rep has already told me there’s an N8 killer on the way!

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