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It’s not an Ultrabook (Samsung say it doesn’t hit pricing targets but the truth is that it’s missing a security subsystem and of course, Samsung want to position this away from the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabooks) but it’s a hot item and one that many will want, even though the pricing is way up there.  $1399 for a 13”-er and $1499 for a 15”-er is not exactly small change. Both the 900X3B (13.3”) and 900X4B (15”) are up for pre-order.

Samsung Series 9 2012 4900x4b

Both Series 9 2012 models offer 1600×900 screens, keyboard backlight, Core i5 Sandy Bridge (there could be a Core i7 option coming) and 128GB of SSD which we assume is at least as fast as the previous model. Unlike the previous model, we hope Samsung have sorted out the Wi-Fi which was a definite weak point on some of the previous models. The 900X3B comes with 4GB of RAM and the 900X4B offered at JR for $1499 has 8GB RAM.

Weight + Dimensions (not confirmed.)

  • 900X4B 3.51 pounds / 1 592 grams – 14.0" x 9.3" x 0.58" (Data from a cached Samsung page that is now gone.)
  • 900X3B  2.6 pounds / 1179 grams -  12.9” x 8.9” x 0.62 – 0.64”

Availability is said to be 2-4 weeks by most accounts although that only applies for the USA. As for other countries, it’s being tracked!

Updated information appears on our Samsung Series 9 information pages.


Via PCMag

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  1. Robert says:

    That´s what I am waiting for Steve :-)please let me know when it´s available in Germany:-) the only other item that rivals it for me is the HP spectre but i prefer the matt screen of the samsung

  2. Dan says:

    I’m so glad to see the 15″ released before the supposed 15″ MBA.

  3. Aigak says:

    US will enjoy both machines in a few weeks, both models will come on Sandy Bridge. Europe will wait however, untill Intel provides its latest Ivy Bridge. Late May – June.

  4. Chippy says:

    A guess? Or information from a source. Am meeting Samsung Germany next week so I’ll see what they say.

  5. Aigak says:

    Quite a not. The said is true in respect to Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS for sure (form a source in Samsung Russia).

  6. Jo L. says:

    Did you already met them? Some new information for the availability and versions in Germany?

  7. Michael says:

    With such prices, there won’t be volume buying. No volume buying would mean the product line would eventually be a failure. So, all the R & D spent in creating the product would be wasted. Isn’t better for Samsung to concentrate on their existing Ultrabook lines and try to lower cost?

  8. Aigak says:

    It is a great premium machine. I would say Samsung overplayed Sony here. Both in terms of reasonable pricing & design and hardware. For the first time!

  9. Trev says:

    Keep us up to date on UK/IE availability for this one, really looking forward to it!

  10. Aigak says:

    UPDATE: there will be only one model – 900X3B – Series 9 (2nd generation) based on Sandy Bridge – on the UK market. Expect it in March-April. There are no configations with 15″ models reserved for Europe. So, it is very likely that Series 9-II goes in sale later, with Ivy Bridge on.

  11. Chippy says:

    Fewer versions for Europe sounds normal! Thanks for feedback.

  12. Etha says:

    What do you mean by “missing a security subsystem” ?

    Do you know if the 15″ will have a higher definition in option ?

    (great blog by the way)

  13. Voni says:

    A real beauty…though isn’t the battery life much shorter???

  14. Robert says:

    just checked the german site today and lo and behold the hp spectre is listed available for purchase.

    so hurry up samsung deutschland!

  15. Voni says:

    Can someone please help me with the battery life of the Samsung 9 2012? Will it be able to contend with other ultrabooks like the U300s and the XPS 13?

    I’m trying to decide which ultrabook to buy, and for now the U300s still tops my list (higher config version with the 256gb SSD), but the DELL XPS 13, LG Z330, and Samsung 9 2012 interest me a lot!! The Spectre is also sweet but somehow I’ve never been a fan of HP and their designs…

    I mainly need battery life and portability – I work a lot outside too so the extra resolution and brightness of the Samsung might do it for me…What do you think?



  16. Aigak says:

    It will contend. As I know, accroding to what I heard from Samsung top technicins in PC department, the battery on Series 9 will survive as long as 9 or even 10 hours long in the idle position. So, we should expect it working at least 6-7 hours under moderate load (WiFi enabled + web surfing at comfortable 50% drightness on).

  17. Voni says:

    This review seems to say otherwise???

    Also, does anyone have an updated release date?? It was supposed to be Feb 27th…The Spectre and XPS are already out…

  18. Etha says:

    Samsung Series 9 goes on sale in the UK the February 25th'#commentform‘).submit();

  19. Fanny says:

    the site is great and really very interesting too and this site is ruthless to others.

  20. Leonard says:

    Does anyone know if the 15 Inch will have a 256GB ssd. I have the 13 inch model now I was looking forward to changing to the 15 inv. My 13 has 8GB and a 256GB SSD. I was surprised to not see that option or part of the 15 config.

  21. Robert says:

    I have started to see an offer for the new samsung series 9 i7 with 256 SDD said to be shipped with in a few days in germany oddly i havent seen it yet on or anywhere else .. it seems the release is only a few days away ..

  22. Nazli says:

    First the iPhone and then the iPad. Now it looks like Samsung is copying the Macbook Air. The thinking down at Samsung is pretty easy – just let Apple come up with something and we’ll copy everything. After all, if Microsoft could go big by copying the Mac, why not Samsung right? No originality, no class, no integrity. That’s Samsung

  23. Basv says:

    Something intresting: samsung 9 series 15? i7 with 256 gb ssd. Only price a little bit high:

    Samsung Sens NT900X4B-A78 Series 9 Laptop 15? i7 2637M 1.7GHz 8GB 256GB SSD

  24. Dan says:

    A little high?! $3000, that’s really disappointing. They’ve got to get the price lower than the equal MBA if they ever hope to move any devices.

  25. Basv says:

    Also seen on korean samsung website:

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