Predictions Estimate 20 million sales of 100, 2nd-Gen Ultrabooks from June

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Up to now we’ve worked out that 2nd-gen Ultrabooks will be available from June (our estimate,) that there are 100 Ultrabooks launching this year (Intel quote) and that the prediction is for about 20 million shipments in 2012 (Juniper Research projection.) A brief update from Digitimes runs along the same lines but says it has the information from the supply chain.

“Intel has internally estimated that ultrabook shipments will reach 20-30 million units in 2012” says the Digitimes article. That seems like a reasonable estimate to us, assuming that Windows 8 creates a wave of interest in Q4. It’s in-line with a Juniper Research prediction. It’s much less than the original Intel estimate of 40% of the laptop market – around 100 million.

As for availability, Digitimes believes that 2nd-gen Ultrabooks will start ‘after May.’ We estimate that only the first models will be available in mid-June.

As for the breakdown of new models, the figure is now up from 75 to 100. We’ve taken a look at a screen-size breakdown already. Take a look as it will give you an idea of the real-world numbers you can expect.


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  1. robert says:

    any idea which companies will be first with what ultrabook
    is there anything spicifically announced or thoughts on what would be released? are we talking updated versions of currently available ultrabooks ? any word ? june is not so far off really and something being announced then would mean who knows when its in the shelf .. i am still waiting on samsung series 9 sandy bridge to be released and am being made to feel that i will be outdated a few months down the road this is ughh lol .. samsung germany bring some news out already ..

  2. Chippy says:

    It’s hard to say. No-one has formally announced yet. Acer always said they would be first with the S5 but other manufacturers could be first-in-line for new CPU production. I expect Apple and Samsung are up there with Acer and Asus trying hard. Stay tuned here because it’s something we’ll be tracking closely Robert.

  3. Aigak says:

    Hi, chippy, here is the first review of S5, with photos of internal parts attached. Here we are:

    Though it is impossible now to publish the results of comprehensive tests concering battry life and CPU performance (because Ivy Bridge ULVs are not officially announced yet) , the author privides us with some details in regard to the display matrix and inner parts of this machine. Sadly, yet the display is absolutely mediocre, with contrast ratio just above 70:1…

  4. DavidC1 says:

    “It’s much less than the original Intel estimate of 40% of the laptop market – around 100 million.”

    This isn’t true, they never claimed such. The claim was 40% of shipments by VERY END of the year. So we’ll see units shipped increase gradually all the way to 40% by end of 2012.

    40% of total notebooks shipped for 2012 would need average shipment of the year to be that number, and would end up way higher than 40% by end of the year.

    Which isn’t the case.

    So in Q1 2012 maybe you 5% of shipments with successive quarters dramatically accelerating with demand catalysts, like Ivy Bridge, mainstream launch, and Windows 8.

  5. Michael says:

    there will be no doubt that in 5 years time, every notebook will be an ultrabook. Its heading that way. I predict the big and chunky will slowly die off whilst the desktop will make a comeback to replace it.

    People will really realise that a notebook is meant to be as it asways was, a “portable” and go back to 13.3 inch and below.

    By the way, I just saw the Lenovo S206. Its so thin and super cheap yet its not categorised as an ultrabook. Really sexy machine, and cost like 1/3 the price of an ultrabook. I wonder how these category of machines going to do.

  6. Chippy says:

    I’ve read the Intel quote many times DavidC1 but maybe you have a point worth discussing. Maybe on the 31st Dec 2012, the numbers shipping on that day could comprise 40% Ultrabooks.

    Personally i’m bullish, positive about the numbers i’ve seen so far and regardless of Intel estimates, the media response is indicative of a positive change through the Intel Ultrabook Project.

    Agree? ;-)

  7. DavidC1 says:

    Here from Mr. Sean Maloney at 2011 Computex opening:

  8. robert says:

    Samsung Serie 9 900X4B
    15” / Core i7-2637M / 256GB SSD / 8GB

    the german internet-shop list´s the new samsung series 9 in its i7 and a 256 SSS version as of today for
    1749 euros … woopdeedoo:-)

  9. Robert says:

    the new samsung series 9 has dissapeared from after being listed for a few days it vanished without a trace ..weird what

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