2012 Ultrabook Timeline

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UB Timeline 2012A few weeks ago I wrote down what I thought was the most likely timeline for 2nd-gen Ultrabooks, just a few days before a leak pointed at a June 5th launch.

Taking the new information into account I’ve updated the timeline for Ultrabook activities. If I get more information I’ll update again. Again, the timeline is my estimation based on information and experience and I’m publishing it to help those that are making plans to buy both 1st and 2nd-gen Ultrabooks in the Q3-Q4 2012 timeframe.

2nd-gen (Ivy Bridge) Ultrabook Timeline…

  • April 2012 – Expect Ivy Bridge Ultrabook ‘soft launches’ (controlled leaks, tip-offs) Look for some price drops and special offers on 1st-gen Ultrabooks.
  • Mid May – 2-core, low power Intel Ivy Bridge silicon production to start
  • End of May – 1st shipments reach ‘first-in-line’ Ultrabook manufacturers
  • 1st week June – First production run of premium models of new Ultrabooks and possibly MacBook Air 2012.
  • 5th June – Computex launch of 2nd-Gen Ultrabooks
  • After the Computex launch, manufacturers will be able to start their official marketing for new products. Expect 5-10 new Ultrabook launches in the first few days at Computex. Acer and Asus are highly likely to be among the on-stage launches at the Intel keynote.
  • 3rd week June – First products hitting shelves in main countries. (Taiwan, Japan, USA) May include Apple MacBook Air.
  • End of June – Ramp-up of availability for early models from tier-1 manufacturers including other main countries. (Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Western Europe)
  • July – staged availability of mainstream models and 2nd-tier manufacturers. Look out for the ‘back-to-school’ offers in the USA. Big marketing push.
  • August – Street prices starting to drop to sustainable levels (-5%, –10%) End of back-to-school offers. Production numbers increase to feed the Q4 sales period.
  • Sept-Oct -  Q4 launches, holiday season marketing ramp-up in many of the large geographical markets. Intel provides more details of 3rd Gen platform, Haswell
  • Oct-Dec  Wide availability of Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks at competitive pricing.  Tail-off on production of 1st-gen Ultrabooks. Stock clearances should provide good offers.
  • Dec – leaks, marketing for CES soft launches of 2nd-wave of Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks at CES.

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