ASUS UX32VD pre-orders go live in Europe.

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Two versions of the ASUS UX32VD have hit retail channels in Europe. The ASUS Zenbook UX32VD-R4002V and R3001VV offer exactly the same 500/24GB drive, GeForce GT620M and 4GB RAM with either Core i5 or Core i7 Ivy Bridge platforms. Starting price 999€ including local taxes – about $1054

Hands-up who’s interested?

Click for the ASUS Zenbook UX32VD information page.

The UX31E was a great Ultrabook but lacked something in the keyboard area. I bought one myself but took it back just days later after having problems with the keyboard. The UX32VD offers an improved keyboard, along with a much better screen. The 1920×1024 wide-viewing angles is getting great reviews.

In one of the biggest European price comparison engines the two devices are showing the following pre order prices.

ASUS Zenbook UX32VD-R4002V (Core i5-3317U 1.7Ghz) Cheapest (pre tax) €839,50, €839,50 ($1054)

ASUS Zenbook UX32VD-R3001V (Core i7-3517U 1.9Ghz) Cheapest (pre-tax) €894.20, €923.53 ($1160)

Availability. Ranges from ‘immediately available’ through 2-4 days and out to 4 weeks for the entry level model.

Outstanding questions

How is the Hybrid HDD implemented? There are good and bad Hybrid HDDs. Does it come with a low-cost Windows 8 upgrade? I think many of you would also like to know US pricing and availability too right? Expect $999 entry level and a similar availability windows. i.e. before end of June 2012


You want an Ultrabook with a high-end graphics card and hi-res screen? You can also consider the Gigabyte U2442V or U2442N offer a GT640M although we haven’t seen prices and availability yet.

So how many of you are looking for high-end graphics? Or is the HD4000 enough for you?

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  1. MP says:

    ASUS is packing quite a punch with these laptops, and it’s great that they tried to make the keyboard better. The keyboard wAs by far the most common target of complaints with the ux31e. I just wish they changed the actual layout when they were at it. The ones I see when I google the picture has the same layout as my ASUS: no Fn-Lock, and the Fn-key is down on the left side while the volume off/down/up are way up right at F10, F11 and F12 making it impossible to press without using both hands. It might sound petty, but you get tired of it after a year or so.

    On a semi-related note: does anyone use Caps Lock? It’s usually twice the size of a normal key and I don’t think I’ve used it the last ten years or so. Why the waste of key-estate? Am I missing something?

  2. Shaun says:

    Im definitely going to wait it out for the Gigabyte, hope the price inst much more than the ASUS UX32VD because of the better graphics card…

  3. robert says:

    how much different is that from the prime and when is the prime comming available in europe?:)

  4. Thead says:

    Take this same model and add a GT640M (or better) graphics card and a full SSD and it would be exactly what I’m looking for.

  5. Flo says:

    I’ll take the UX31a :)
    I prefer SSD than dedicated graphics..

  6. Andrew says:

    What about the UX31A ? :(

  7. Georg says:

    Already got mine today (actually typing from it right now ;))

  8. John says:

    No pre-orders did not go live in Europe. Pre-Orders went live in Germany. The rest of Europe cannot pre-order.

  9. Jarek says:

    You can pre order from

    Amazon de delivers internationally AFAIK

  10. John says:

    Yes, you are correct one can order from, but you may well end up with a German keyboard, which is great you are German, but I prefer QWERTY keyboards.

    I tried to find a link on the seller web site in order to contact the seller and ask whether it has a US local QWERTY keyboard or German QWERTZ, but did not see the contact link :(

    If it is released in the Netherlands then it’ll come with US local qwerty as this is the standard on used in Holland.

  11. Ruben says:

    I would also like one with the QWERTY, I hate AZERTY, I work in Germay (QWERTZ) but still QWERTY is what I want..

    John did you find a source in Europe that has the QWERTY available?



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