Nvidia GTX 680M Launches for Ultrabooks, Laptops

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Using Nvidia’s Keplar Core, the GTX 680M is looking to break some new ground in Ultrabooks.



Nvidia had just made an announcement about the GTX680M, the next-step in their ultra mobile gaming graphics range.

We’ve seen the Keplar architecture in a few Ultrabooks so far. The Acer Timeline M3 and Gigabyte U2442 use the GT640M with 384 CUDA cores and 625Mhz core but in the GTX680M you’ll be offered 1344 CUDA cores and a 720Mhz clock.

We’re not quite sure what sort of TDP the 680M will have but we suspect this is really for larger Ultrabooks and laptops.  The GT610M (as in the Lenovo U410) and GT620M (as in the Zenbook Prime UX32VD) could be more balanced choices.

Check out Anandtech for a detailed report and some performance figures.

Via Anandtech.

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  1. DavidC1 says:

    This won’t fit in Ultrabooks, probably even in the 15-inch ones. The previous generation 580M and the rebadged 675M has 100W+ power usage, while the 680M, despite new process performs 40-50% faster so whatever process gains are used for performance. 640M is likely the best we’ll get.

  2. James says:

    Well, Kepler roll out is running a little late but will have other performance range versions. Mind they’re planning to go all the way down to Smart Phones. So a version for Ultrabooks will eventually be offered.

    While this version has already been slated for some gaming laptops like the Dell Alienware M17x and M18x series. Along with Origin PC for their new EON15-S and EON17-S notebooks.

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