NEC Versa Pro Available to Sensitive Businesses in Japan

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It looks like NEC have pushed out a business variant of the NEC Lavie Z. The NEC Versa Pro packs in Windows 7 Pro, a TPM module and offers a Core i7  platform with optional secure SSD. You’ll pay for it though!vg_front

It’s appears that the security features are the main difference on the NEC Versa Pro when compared to the NEC Lavie Z. We can’t see any other major differences in design, ports or specification.

A “Device Protector” feature uses a USB stick to ‘enable’ the device. When the stick is removed, features such as keyboard, USB and writing to DVD can be disabled. “Secure Redirector” uses a cloud service to save the data and prevents writing to the SSD. “Fly Folder” looks like a cloud-based storage service. There’s a Trend Micro anti virus service included and one year of remote erase service. NEC have a detailed page on the security features too.

Secure devices, when certified to a high level, can be extremely expensive so assuming that some agency has approved the NEC Versa Pro [we can’t find proof though,] we’re not surprised that the price is well over the equivalent of US$3000!

For those not interested in high-end security features, take a look at the consumer version, the NEC Lavie Z.

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