Ultrabook Ecosystem Meets Next Week

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I wrote about the Ultrabook ‘project’ yesterday. That is, everything that is being done by Intel and partners across the world to create the best Ultrabook for the future. At meetings next week, Intel and partners will be meeting with the same aim – making the Ultrabook.


In a report at Digitimes, details on the Taiwanese leg of the Ultrabook Ecosystem Symposium have been revealed. According to another report, there’s a repeat of the event in China on August 2nd.

‘Sources’ have been pointing to low demand recently but Intel seem to be clear on their reasons for the events which are most likely to have been planned months ago and will be aimed at bringing everyone up to speed on best-in-class technologies, promoting the best design methods and creating partnerships between components suppliers and manufacturers. The events are said to be deep technical planning events for future experiences and advances. High definition screen technology, battery technology, SSDs, production capacity, low-cost casing designs and other  elements will be discussed.

Taking part are Sharp, Samsung, Micron, Sandisk, Seagate, Western Digital, Sk Hynix, U-bolx, AzureWave, Realtek, Akustika, InvenSense, IMEC, Elan Microelectronics, Prolugium, Getac, SZS, Wistron NeWeb and HP.

Proposals and agreements are unlikely to be made public and there’s likely to be zero press coverage and a lot of NDAs but expect some of the results to appear in presentations and discussions at Intel’s IDF (Intel Developer Forum) event in Sept. We’ll be reporting from the IDF event in San Francisco so you can expect to hear a lot more form us on the topic of components in the coming months.

High on our list are: Battery technology, screen backlight efficiency, port sizes and the ‘Ultraslate’ design trade-offs. We will also be doing research on VPro and high-security Ultrabooks.

Source: Digitimes.

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  1. hocus says:

    If they’re meeting to discuss those things then there’s reason to not buy any 1st or 2nd generation ultrabook. Maybe not even the 3rd. For now, I’m sticking with my fatty Thinkpad X200 series (currently X230) ultraportable that has an ugly battery sticking out.

    I hope these meetings are successful since there seems to be a trend of going away from being small and light and having long battery life. Maybe when it’s time to replace my current or maybe my next ultraportable, ultrabooks will be at a place where I had originally hoped they’d be. Hopefully, the early adopters and Intel will keep the money flowing for OEMs to continue.

  2. Tsuki says:

    I know. It’s hard to live with less than 10 hours of battery life once you get used to it. My current laptop is an X220 w/ 9 cell.

    Doesn’t seem like any of the big battery vendors are attending though. Nor are small ones.

  3. hocus says:

    Yes, with a 94 Wh (95 Wh reported) battery and a 5.0-5.5 W idle power consumption, battery life is excellent on my X230.

    Too bad about no battery vendors participating but I’m still hoping that some positive things come out with these meetings. I’m in no hurry to get an ultrabook because I don’t like the current sacrifices being made but I’m definitely interested in them as a future purchase.

  4. Mauro says:

    Chip, I don’t think there will be any new product announcement over there.

    When do you expect the next wave of announcement to come ? Ifa or together with Win 8 ?

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