Lumia 920 comes in at €649 Euro RRP (€599 Street)

Updated on 27 September 2012 by

We asked the question yesterday…is the Nokia Lumia 920 worth 600 Euro and picked up a few comments from Nokia PR in Europe. At first I thought they were suggesting the RRP (recommended retail price) would come in at under 600 Euro but a further message suggested that we should make a full test before making a decision about value for money. Fair enough but there are people waiting in line you know! Today we get confirmation that the price isn’t coming in under 600 Euro.

The official RRP has been made public. €649. Street prices are steady at €599 in Germany. (€503 pre-tax) Availability is as we had expected, November.

So let’s re-phrase the question. Based on what you’ve seen, is the Lumia 920 worth €600 and if not, what information would tip you over into ‘buying’ territory? Win 8 testing? More on the cam? Battery life test?

We’ll be testing with focus on the camera, so stay tuned here.

Source (with info on Italy and Russia too)

Press Release (Germany)

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