ASUS VivoBook S200E ‘Netbook’ is Nearly an Ultrabook but Definately the Cheapest Win 8 Touch Laptop

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More and more touchscreen laptops are hitting the sales channels and they’re coming in at both ends of the spectrum. The Acer Aspire V5 Touch is a good example of an Ultrabook-alternative with touch. The ASUS S200E is another. Both of these devices are available with a Core i3 CPU which pushes them into the same processing category as an Ultrabook.  The ASUS Vivobook S200E is referred to as a netbook by Amazon in Germany today.

ASus S200E

At 1.3KG with an 11.6” 1336×768 touchscreen, Windows 8 and an Ultrabook-like design, you’d be forgiven for thinking The ASUS S200E is an Ultrabook. With full-size VGA, SD, HDMI and 3 USB ports you might even think it has some advantages over Ultrabooks. There are a few downsides though. The Core i3 2356M is a Sandy Bridge 1.4Ghz part with HD 3000. There’s no SSD cache, no Ultrabook security features and with retailers quoting 5hr battery life, we suspect it’s got a smaller battery pack inside.

Asus S200E 4   Asus S200E 3

Asus S200E 2


4GB of RAM and a 500GB drive are included with the S200E and the price for a 26th Oct availability is €553.61 – a pre-tax equivalent of about $610. A Pentium version comes in at 50 Euros cheaper. The ASUS S200E is by far the cheapest touchscreen Windows 8 laptop on the market in Europe right now.

How strange that Amazon is calling this a netbook though!

The ASUS S200E is now in our database. See all the Windows 8 Touchscreen devices here.

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  1. JohnCz says:

    lol, an i3 is now considered a netbook. I thought retailers would avoid classifying anything as a netbook .. its pretty much a dead horse and probably for most consumers conjours up very limited experience.

  2. Andrew says:

    You spelled “definitely” wrong in the title.

  3. Tsais says:

    Netbooks are well loved among a lot of people. Not everybody needs a portable super computer. Especially given the premium price that used to be on everything half way light weight, lots of people associate a great, lightweight experience with a device that cost so little they didn’t have to worry about it much, yet could do any office work on it, browse the web and many more things. My brother runs a Linux based cash register for his restaurant on a netbook.

    i3 Netbook is great. Of course, at $500, these compete with a bunch of big, clunky plastic bomber laptops of the 15.6″ ilk.

    Maybe the NEW Netbooks will eliminate that market segment teheh

  4. Andrew says:

    I agree with everything that you’re saying about netbooks, Tsais. Mine is the best $300 I ever spent, and I wouldn’t trade it for an iPad. But despite the title of this article, I don’t think that this machine is a netbook. Its specs fall well within the category of a “notebook”. As the story says, it does in fact almost meet ultrabook standards. Just being small doesn’t make it a netbook, otherwise the 11.6 inch Macbook Air would be considered a netbook.

  5. nugroho says:

    cool but pricey

  6. bussirino says:

    Ho trovato questo computer in vendita a € 399 con consegna gratuita a mezzo corriere in italia. Non sono arrivato in tempo all’acquisto. Se lo mettesse in vendita a quiel prezzo e condizioni, visto che ho già acquistato altri prodotti on-line, prego farmelo sapere che sono intenzionato all’acquisto. Grazie
    Cesare Bussandri
    Cell. +39 3383903401
    Tel. +39 0523 248321


  7. dekon sger says:

    The Samsung Netbook N120 comes in black, blur and white. I really like the black and blue models, as they looked really classy. The casing of this netbook model has a matte surface which is much more easier to maintain than glossy ones. The matte finish is more resistant to the smudges and stains.

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