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ASUS VivoTab Smart with Sleeves and Bluetooth keyboarda

For those trying to keep up with the changing rumors, cross-border PR and trade show differences and developing ecosystem, tracking ASUS over the last three months has been a nightmare. At an event yesterday though, ASUS revealed their final line-up of Windows 8 tablets, dockables, flipables and Ultrabooks. At least for the USA! One surprise in that event was a second CloverTrail based ASUS Vivo Tab. The ASUS Viv Tab Smart.

The ASUS Tab Smart is a 10.6” Windows 8 Tablet where the ASUS VivoTab is an 11.6” model. Differences don’t stop there because this is a cut-down version that will be offered for the same $499 price as the ASUS Vivo Tab RT (Windows RT, ARM version.)

You still get the 2GB RAM and it’s reported you get a 64GB SSD, 8Mp cam, Micro-USB and Micro-HDMI ports. A MicroSD card reader and a headphone port also included.

Apart from the size reduction, which is likely to result in a battery capacity reduction, there’s no digitiser. There’s also no possibility to use a keyboard dock as on the Vivo Tab although a Bluetooth “Trans Sleeve” keyboard cover will be available. A ‘real’ Bluetooth keyboard is also going to be available.

Given that the ASUS Vivo Tab Smart already has a model number, ASUS ME400C, it could be coming soon.


  • CPU: Clover-Trail 1.8Ghz (1.5Ghz nominal. 1.8Ghz max)
  • Screen: 10.1” 1366×768
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Battery Capacity: Unknown
  • 8MP cam on rear. 2MP on front.

A 3G/4G version is likely.

Note: There’s some confusion out there as to whether this is a 10″ or 11.6” model. To add to the confusion ASUS’ press release doesn’t mention the “ASUS Vivo Tab” only the Smart is mentioned….

The VivoTab Smart is the perfect traveling companion with a fresh stylistic design. This thin and lightweight 10.1 tablet design offers the full Windows 8 experience and is available with black, white or red finishes. Its optional TranSleeve keyboard combines a compact wireless keyboard with color-coordinated screen protection.

Update: The VivoTab and VivoTab Smart were mentioned in the press event. The dockable VivoTab with Wacom Digitiser is 11.6″, the VivoTab Smart is 10.6″

Sources: Liliputing, Mobile Geeks, ASUS

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  1. ravellar says:

    Just book my self a unit of Magic W3 for USD990 + shipping .
    They giving me an external battery foc for their 1st 5,000 customer , and i’m number 4889 . Be getting the unit by Christmas ( hoping ).
    Seems they have brought down the price from previous price to get more sales .
    Will keep you updated once received my unit .
    * Jon has received his and he is so far ok with it as he use it for his short travels leaving behind his Mac

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