HP’s TouchSmart Laptops cover Low and Very High-End, Possibly AMD Too.

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HP SpectreXT Touchsmartenvy_tou

HP have confirmed that two Windows Touchscreen Ultrabooks are coming. Starting with the $799 HP Envy Touchmart Ultrabook 4 and going up to the 15.6” HP SpectreXT Touchsmart Ultrabook starting at $1399

The HP Envy Touchsmart 4 is already available to order with Core i3 or i5 and RAM up to 8GB, Hybrid HDD up to 500GB. The SpectreXT, (first announced at end of August) should be available to order soon and could be something of a challenger for that entry-level MacBook Pro Retina. A 15.6” fullHD screen, thunderbolt, Beats audio SSD and RAM options and a weight of 4.7 pounds are attractive features. We’re looking out for the fine specs – especially that battery which we hope HP haven’t cut corners on.

CNet have had some hands on with the Spectre XT Touchsmart. “Of the Windows 8 laptops we’ve previewed to date, the Spectre XT is probably the slickest and most high-end” Link Cnet say it’s coming in December.

Back to the Envy now. Take a look at these images from HP’s website though.”Sleekbook.” Something tells us that an AMD version is coming.


HP Envy 4 Touchsmart 1HP Envy 4 Touchsmart 3HP Envy 4 Touchsmart



Also Via: Slashgear, HP

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. artaman says:

    This comment relates to touchscreens in general so can be considered off-topic really.

    I find it weird -to say the least- that when a laptop has a glossy cover/finish almost all the reviewers throughout their internet declare war against it since it a fingerprint magnet, it will look bad, people will laugh at you, you will eventually die in shame etc.

    For touchscreens where one will be touching the screen they look at with oily fingers while eating popcorn noone complains…it is perfectly tolerable and everyone seems to be absolutely fine that the screen may become like a steamed mirror in the shower…human eye can cope with that apparently…but a fingerprint on the back of the laptop…all hell will break loose

  2. Dan says:

    artaman, the difference is functionality. A glossy finish serves no purpose, it simply makes the laptop harder to keep clean. In the case of touch screens they bring a new functionality already well known and accepted by the masses due to the ipad and touchscreen phones. Also, these screens attempt to compensate for the inevitable smudging by being exceptionally bright in general and taking steps to minimize reflection like the surface does.

    There will be people that hate touch and hate fingers on their screens just as I remember there being people that refused to use a mouse as it was completely unnatural versus using the cursor keys on your keyboard. In spite of this the world will evolve.

  3. artaman says:

    Dan :
    In spite of this the world will evolve.

    …will evolve to the direction instructed by the most efficient marketing/advertisements…

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