Nokia Belle FP2 Just Hit My 808

Updated on 02 October 2012 by

It’s just become available on my Nokia 808 (A generic UK version) and despite a few download restarts due to the damn WiFi dropping out (one of the known issues I’ll be checking for) it’s installed and updated without issue.

2012-10-02 14.34.59

Go check your 808 for updates now (settings –> phone –> phone management –> device manager –> (menu) check for updates.

On top of the download there’s a set of four new apps.

I’m on the lookout for the new browser (better HTMLS support, HTML5 apps) gallery updates to allow multiple select and common gallery app across system, ‘New Social’ apps, the WiFi issue fix and a better keyboard.  But there’s also a new lock screen, new clocks and other widgets,

2012-10-02 14.31.42   2012-10-02 14.34.13-1


Apps are installing now…takes a good 15 minutes with one reboot required to get the final app installed.

I’ll get a video up for you ASAP.

Update: My WiFi issue isn’t fixed. It drops out constantly (for example, 1 second into streaming a YouTube video.) so i’ve got a phone here that effectively doesn’t connect to the internet unless I enable my data plan (which I usually don’t do unless i’m away form home.)

Screen unlock: OK, it’s new. A swipe instead of a press.

Gallery: Now seems consistent across the OS although 1) No multiple select for sharing 2) OS ‘social’ is different to the camera and gallery ‘social’ and remains disjointed. Image information is welcome. Multiple select for ‘delete’ works.

New keyboard: Much improved


New Browser: Better HTML5 support. Seems faster (although we always tend to say that on upgrades!) and you can now save an HTML5 page as a desktop app link.

NokiaPoweruser have a changelog which probably doesn’t cover everything.

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  1. sara says:

    I also did the upgrade FP2 via wifi to both of my NOkia 808. One works fine afterwards. The second – which worked fine on wifi BEFORE THE UPDATE -now suffers from the infamous wifi drop syndrome that plagues the Nokia 808. And Nokia Support is a nightmare : two different people gave me exactly the same FALSE information. Nokia Support was not only USELESS in this situation, they wasted my time TWICE. What better way to destroy a brand than to have incompetent technical support to resolve a MAJOR bug that should have been resolved PRIOR to the release of FP2. I guess that’s the influence of Microsoft/Elop —> “getitout, who cares about the bugs”… Ohhh, how I long for the days when Nokia was THE Number 1 Mobile maker….

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