Dell Sputnik Ubuntu Laptop – ‘Real Product’ to Retail Soon

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Dell’s project Sputnik was formed to create a Linux-based developer-focused distro that would run on specific hardware. Over the last 7 months Dell have been working to build a final product with developers and component suppliers using the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. Developer edition models went out in July.

There have always been thoughts that a real product would hit Dell’s product range but that’s been confirmed now by project manager Barton George.

sputnik tweet

Given the work that has gone into the XPS 13 product it’s almost certain that the product will be XPS 13-based. As to when it will launch, for how much and in what geographies, it looks like it will be a US-only product to start with. For the rest of the info, we’ll have to wait.

The Windows 7 Dell XPS 13 is based on a second-generation Core processor and includes an SSD but the developer preview has a different processor. (2.0GHZ i7 Intel Core2 Duo processor – E4400) A developer-focused model could simplify setting up environments for various development targets such as Android and HTML5. It also has the potential to lower the barrier for new developers and to make it easier for students to get started.

If you want a preview of the Sputnik-based laptop, check out OMG Ubuntu’s review of the Dell Sputnik Ultrabook. For other Linux Ultrabook news, including the ZaReason Ultralap 430, see here.

Source: (Barton George Twitter)

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  1. curaga says:

    You’d think for a Linux enthusiast site where they encounter a lot of hardware issues, they’d know that an “i7 Intel Core2 Duo processor” doesn’t exist. Also, an E4400 is a desktop CPU.

    Anyway, has Dell said anything about how long they’ll support these notebooks? Are they pushing any work to upstream developers so the entire Linux community will benefit? This could mark Dell notebooks as Linux friendly with little need to do post-install kludgy fixes or living with forever non/poorly-working components.

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