Acer W700 Win8 Core Tablet – First Reviews Are In

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Although there are a number of slider and rotating screen Ultrabooks out there it’s the dockable slates that seem to interest the readers here the most. The Samsung XE700 / Smart PC Pro is available in a number of location now but it’s the Acer Iconia W700 that get’s the first round of reviews. Laptop Magazine and CNet have published their thoughts so make sure you read these to get a feel for weight, battery life, performance and features for this new phase of Window Tablet PCs.

CNet appear quite impressed with the W700 performance, battery and quirky looks. A battery life test using video playback resulted in over 7hrs. Even with the 54Wh battery that’s not bad at all, especially as the W700 has a FullHD resolution screen.

Laptop mentions the small icon sizes on desktop mode. It’s surprising that Acer didn’t set-up large Icon sizes but they have implemented a launcher called Acer Ring. Why they’ve chosen to do that when Windows 8 home screen does the same is a mystery. Differentiation for differentiations’ sake? The Bluetooh (don’t forget to carry spare batteries!) keyboard gets a thumbs up for usability. Laptopmag also reports good battery life. Over 6hrs for continuous browsing.

Read more at these sources: Cnet, Laptopmag. Other links will be added to our product database.

Our performance preview of the Surface Pro will also help you to get a feel for this sector and we’ve always got the tablets listed, with information links, in our database.

8 Comments For This Post

  1. hez says:

    This seems to be a great device and I indeed consider buying either this or the Surface Pro. What is not clear to me:

    – Am I right that the w700 have no dockable keyboard option (like w500) so that I could use it, putting it on my lap?

    – Am I right that I cannot work with Surface Pro having it on my lap?

    – Am I the only person having this problem with working while putting the computer on my lap?

  2. Mark says:

    I, too, prefer to have the docking mechanism to allow for lap use. For example, notebook style or more preferably reversed via screen twisting. Not really a fan of the 360 degree bending types where I rest the keyboard on my lap or possibly a dirty table.

    I don’t know anything about the Acer but from reviews and galleries of the Surface RT, it’s possible to use it on your lap but not very well. It has a single angle stand and you’d have to sit fairly still for it not to topple over which isn’t likely for situations where I have to use my lap. I assume it’s the same for the Surface Pro.

  3. Luc says:

    Yes main reason I don’t consider this.

    The Surface Pro at least has good docking solution but for lap not exactly stable.

    There are other devices that you can put in an angle without support.

  4. James says:

    For the Surface lap use, unless you need to use the keyboard cover, just fold the keyboard cover back under and pop out the kick stand…

  5. Joe says:

    As Mark has said, it doesn’t really allow for easy lap use, at least based on reviews and images. As for me, when I use notebooks on my lap, I sometimes move around or the notebook isn’t perfectly horizontal which could make the Surface stand setup not ideal. Also, you can’t tilt the screen to different angles depending on your situation.

    Have you used the Surface on your lap? How stable is it really on a non-straight lap?

  6. hez says:

    Thank you gentlemen!
    May be I shall go for the Samsung Ativ Smart.

  7. Luc says:

    I created a list of devices here:

    They all have pro/cons. There are these form factors:

    – magnetic dock but no hinge to keep it fixed in angle (instead uses kickstand)
    – magnetic keyboard dock with hinge and can fix screen to certain angles
    – convertible (Twist)
    – flip screen inside frame (XPS 12)
    – dual screen (Taichi)
    – 360 degree backwards (Yoga 13, keyboard is at your fingers in tablet so you should hold with 2 hands)

  8. Skaertus says:

    Your list is just great!

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