Demo: Windows 8 Applications on Clovertrail with the Acer Iconia W510

Posted on 18 December 2012, Last updated on 03 January 2014 by

w510 appsThe 20-minute video below might be a little long for the average YouTube video hopper but I’m sure it will have more meaning here where there appear to be quite a number of people joining us via Google searches for W510, ATIV 500T and related terms.

In the video below you’ll see start-up times for the Acer Iconia W510 (20 seconds or less,) start-up times for a big set of Windows 8 applications and speed-of-use with Windows 8 apps.

You’ll also see a bug rear it’s head because there seems to be an issue with the audio which stops working, prevents any videos from playing and requires a reboot to get working again. It might even be the cause of some system lock-ups I’ve seen too. Note that I haven’t made any attempts to look for newer drivers yet.

drumsApplications demonstrated, mainly briefly, include:

  • Windows 8 Mail,
  • Tweetro+
  • Internet Explorer
  • Store
  • Camera
  • Sky News
  • Nextgen Reader
  • 7 Digital
  • Video
  • Drums
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Skype, which can be used as an always on VOIP application
  • Amazon

I’ve been using the Acer Iconia W510 as a desktop PC again today and I must say that for basic browsing, photo editing and text input, it’s fine. You do notice that it’s slower and I have to agree with anyone that says it’s not as productive as a Core-based laptop but I can’t see anyone having issues with this when on the road; It’s way more productive and flexible  than even something like the ASUS Transformer Android tablet.

Note that I’m using an external 1080p screen and wireless keyboard and mouse here today – the keyboard on the W510 is a little on the small-and-cheap side for all-day working!

Coming soon: Windows 8 Desktop Apps demo. Let us know if there’s anything specific you want to see that could also be interesting for our community.

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