Dell Latitude 10 Gets Unboxed with Huge Battery

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A removable 60Wh battery on a Clovertrail tablet. A Wacom digitizer. An LED flash. A full SD card slot. A TPM. module. The Dell Latitude 10 could hit the mark for many.

dell latitude 10

We reported on the ‘essentials’ version a few days ago but here’s a good unboxing of the full-fat Dell Latitude 10. Note that the 60Wh battery only costs $80 ($55 as a purchase choice) at so there’s a lot of scope for multi-day working without using ┬áthe charger. Gorilla Glass covered screen, magnesium chassis, docking options and, again, that pen. As with other Clovertrail tablets we’re looking at a 1366×768 screen but on the 10″ screen that should be fine. Weight, an impressive 820gm with the huge 60Wh battery. (658gm with the 2-cell 30Wh, flush fitting battery.)




We’ve added a couple more videos into the Dell Latitude 10 specs page too.

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  1. guy says:

    I’m waiting until this has an LTE option. At least I read it’s supposed to have one at some point. I like the extended battery which puts it ahead of the the TP2 for me.

  2. dizi says:

    I’m interested in the Dell but can anyone with a Clover Trail tablet play this ? Does it play smoothly? Thanks

  3. John in Norway says:

    I downloaded and played the video on my new Samsung Ativ Smart PC. The picture played without problems as did the sound. However, they weren’t in sync. Also, the actual picture quality of the video seemed awful. To check it out I also played it on my desktop with i5 etc and while everything was in sync the picture quality was still poor. Hope that helps.

  4. dizi says:

    Thank you for testing it. I assume the video was being decoded with the software decoder instead of the hardware one on the Samsung and the CPU wasn’t fast enough to keep them in sync.

    The video is highly compressed so that’s why the picture looks bad.

  5. curaga says:

    It’d be great if the Latitude 10 can play everything you can throw at it. I never am able to get much work done on airplanes anyway :) .

  6. Marauderz says:

    On the contray, with my Acer W510 using Media Player Classic Home Cinema Edition, I can play 1080P video, and it’s being decoded via CPU only.

    It all depends on the bitrate.

  7. Joe says:

    In regards to H.264 videos, other than bitrate and resolution that cause people problems there are also the number of reference frames, 10 bit/Hi10p profile and others. Last year’s smartphones can play 1080p videos if they’re less than 10 Mbps bitrate, 8 bit samples and a low number of reference frames.

  8. mit says:

    Are you able to play this?

  9. mit says:

    Nevermind, I just looked at your YouTube link and saw that you played a Hi10p 1080p video already. Looks good. I’ll probably get the Dell Latitude 10 though.

    Is this just a standalone install of MPC-HC or did you install some codec pack? I’d rather not use codec packs since they sometimes to mess things up on the computer.


  10. curaga says:

    Clover Trail can’t handle Hi10p at > 1 Mbps? At least that’s what your video shows.

  11. Marauderz says:

    It depends on the ACTUAL bitrate of the file, usually a file might say it’s 1Mbps, but that’s just the ceiling bitrate, and it doesn’t hit it most of the time. Anime openings though.. almost always hit the max bitrate, lots of activity on the screen! :P

  12. hocus says:

    Aren’t the reported bitrates on videos the average? So if a Hi10p video has an average bitrate of 3 Mbps then wouldn’t it stutter on the W510 often?

  13. Marauderz says:

    I don’t *think* the reported bitrate on files are the average, I think it’s more like the maximum bitrate since most recorded media now would just use variable bitrates to maximize use of space and bandwidth. Is there any particular file you’d like me to test?

  14. guy says:

    Mediainfo shows “overall bitrate” which is the average bitrate over the entire video and audio.

  15. Kevin says:


    Still better than most ARM tablet with the benefit running the occasional x86 program. I wonder when H.265 will get popular. It’ll be back to transcoding videos again.

  16. Marauderz says:

    @kevin, well.. with an x86 it’s pretty certain someone would make a playback method for H.265 available.

  17. mit says:

    I wonder if the Atom can handle HD H.265 videos though. H.265 supposedly can save 50% in bitrate compared to H.264 at the same quality. That’s got to require more processing to decode even though that’s less compressed data being processed.

    Hopefully, by the time H.265 gets popular I’d have a more powerful mobile device. Maybe it’ll even have hardware acceleration for H.265.

  18. Chippy says:

    Currently all h.265 implementations are soft codecs which means it depends on CPU power. Atom won’t be able to handle it. We have to wait for silicon implementations and that won’t happen for at least another 12 months IMO.

  19. Marauderz says:

    Chippy…. current implementations are all reference implementations right? None of the usual suspects like FFMPEG are looking in yet right? (checks

    Wouldn’t count it out till we see more work done on it. That said I haven’t even checked out how well WebM runs on the Atom… does anyone even use that? :P

  20. Chippy says:

    I doubt atom is good enough for any advanced video code over 720p / 2mbs. We used to run divx ok at 4mbs.

  21. Marauderz says:

    mit: No problems playing your file, suggest that you use the climatic battle scene for testing next time rather than just a conversation screen, more action means more bit rate consumption, better test.

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