Dell XPS 12 Video Review by Chippy

Posted on 27 January 2013, Last updated on 27 January 2013 by

xps 12 videoI’ve been doing a lot of testing on the Dell XPS 12 over the last 4 days.

Here’s a 16 minute video of my findings. If you’re interested in Ultrabook Convertibles, take a look at this video because it covers some ergonomic issues as well as a detailed look at the Dell XPS 12. [Specs, images, videos and more info in our database here.]

As always, I welcome discussion below. What do you think of Ultrabook Convertibles and what device impresses you the most?

Here’s the list of Ultrabook Convertibles and here’s the list of dockableUltrabooks – the form factor that won in our recent poll.

Thanks to for sending the Dell XPS 12 over.

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  1. hez says:

    Great video, though I think this product will hit the market together with Taichi.

    Please help me: Companies studied many use cases and I analyzed all. I came to the conclusion that my preference would be a Surface Pro like device with 13″ screen and battery in the keyboard.

    What is the problem with this iteration that no one wants to produce such a device?

  2. Peter says:

    Check the Asus Transformer Book ;)

  3. hez says:

    Thanks for the tip but it has no pen input and has only one camera.

  4. Cusi says:

    Nice review Chippy, love this devices! On Dell’s Italian site is now 1214 € for the model with i5, 256 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM, not bad at all! It’s also nice to have an ultra-convertible PC with that amount of RAM!

    Did you find a bit annoying the fact that the device moves when using touch in laptop mode?

  5. Steve Chippy Paine says:

    Yes, it’s annoying!
    Great deal on the 256/8 version in Italy.

  6. jjrdias says:

    I like this device, but I must admit something like the Asus vivotab, Atom powered tablet with the keyboard dock is very appealing. In spite of the processor’s limitations, a combined battery endurance of 19 hours – let’s say it’s really closer to 15 – is extraordinarily enticing.
    Hope you get your hands on one of these babies soon. Totally not into the vivotab RT, though. Legacy apps are a real deal breaker or maker.

  7. Luc says:

    Chippy, have you tried increasing DPI to 150 (or larger size using custom)?

    You can also increase the metro icons size (and perhaps login screen) in:

    PC Settings / Ease of Access / Make Everything on your screen bigger

  8. Steve Chippy Paine says:

    Yes i’ve tested DPI at 150%. It’s so ugly that I had to return it to 125%.

    I’ve also used the Metro swtich to increase sizes which makes Metro easier to read. That’s certainly the solution for Metro.

    I should have mentioned it in the video. It will be mentioned in the full review.


  9. Luc says:

    Yes 150% is probably way too big. In custom you can enter any % (e.g. 130%) if 125% is still too small.

    The 1600×900 with Yoga 13 looked good to me. Not sure why this is the only new model that use that resolution.

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