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I had the opportunity to pick up a Lenovo Ideatab Lynx from the local store today and as it’s a new entrant to the Clovertrail tablet market I though it would be worth snapping it up for a test. The unboxing video is below. I haven’t got the keyboard dock yet but that should arrive next week.

At 555 Euro for the 64GB version it’s not the cheapest Windows 8 Clovertrail tablet  and the keyboard (with battery inside) is another 150 Euro but I’m looking forward to seeing if this baby beats other Clovertrail dockables where it really matters – typing. It’s Lenovo, I’m hoping, and if it works, I may use this as my blogging PC at MWC in 4 weeks time.

For an 11.6” tablet it’s amazingly light – 635gm / 22.4oz and the screen looks nice. A plastic back fells somewhat cheap as does the cover hiding the micro-SD card slot. I love the USB charging feature though!

More first impressions over the next couple of days but feel free to drop questions below. Check out full information, more videos and links in our Lenovo Ideatab Lynx information page.



You can see that it’s charging via a standard USB cable here (in this case a Nokia adaptor.) One of the first things I’ll report on is charging time. Don’t expect it to be short over a standard USB cable!


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  1. elmstrom says:

    Still love your real first time unboxing :)

  2. curaga says:

    Kind of wished you impulse bought the TP2 or Latitude 10 instead.

  3. Chippy says:

    It still could happen!

  4. MobileHG says:

    Hey Chippy glad you were able to pick up the Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx. I got some hands on at CES Show last week and even though it is semi plastic feeling, it felt a bit better and less glossy than the Samsung Smart PC ATIV 500T. Also the build quality on the Lynx seemed a bit better, I am also thinking of getting the Lynx. I was really disappointed with the keyboard dock. It had quite a bit of flex in the center and even though I was able to type without too much problems, if you start to type fast or put pressure in the center keys the keyboard dock flex. Check in the video towards the end that I took at CES Show.


  5. Chippy says:

    I’m currently using a BT keyboard but the dock will come next week. The flex looks a bit shocking but I like the look of those keys. The proof will be in the typing tests.

  6. Joe says:

    Has anyone tried any virtualization software on a Clover Trail device? I’m afraid the 2 GB limit will cause too much paging/swapping to disk.

    I wonder why Intel limits the RAM to 2 GB. If they’re going to turn off x64 support in the chip they should at least support 4 GB of RAM.

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