Sharp’s IGZO at CES 2013

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Sharp’s press conference has just finished at CES 2013 and within it was one of the important technologies of 2013 when it comes to mobile devices and power consumption. IGZO.

As CPU, GPU and comms power requirements fall,  the screen becomes a very big, power-hungry issue. IGZO screen technology could really help extend in-use battery life and that’s why we’re watching it closely.

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Sharp says that IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) can reduce panel power consumption by 80-90%. IGZO backplanes can be used with OLED type displays so it doesn’t have backlighting too – we’re talking about large amounts of power savings, especially when doing reading or typing operations where the screen can be using 30% of the power on an Ultrabook. You’ll even be able to leave a clock or have notifications on the screen when it’s in Connected Standby mode which could be a real advantage. IGZO can even maintain the onscreen data for a certain period of time without refreshing the data, even when the current is off.

As for Ultrabook collaborations, we haven’t heard about anything yet but we’re watching closely. We’re expecting it!

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5 Comments For This Post

  1. curaga says:

    I really hope my next smartphone and notebook will have an IGZO or some other low power screen. On my phone, the screen shows as the number one drain on my battery by far. I’m sure it’s no different on my notebook. I don’t care about 1080p screens on phones and 11.6″ notebooks especially in sunlight with finger smudges on the screen.

  2. blade says:

    Sharp SH-02E IGZO Aquos Phone Zeta

    is the answer. Best smartphone out in the Japanese market. 1 charge = 50 hours

    You can get it at Kyoto Exports.

  3. Steve Chippy Paine says:

    50hrs, not bad. I get 3 days from my Nokia 808 though. OLED screen and unusable internet features is the answer!!!

  4. Me says:

    Is that 50 hours of screen on time?

  5. blade says:

    From Kyoex, it’s “upwards of 50 hours of use on 1 full charge”

    Also worth looking at are 2 reviews, as of now.

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