The Best Ultrabooks for CES 2013 Journalists

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Lenovo-Thinkpad-Carbon-X1-29.jpgOK, maybe this post is a bit late as tech journalists count down the last few hours to press day at CES 2013 but it was something I put together last night as I thought about what Ultrabook i’d like to have if I had been there this year. I wonder how many bloggers and journos are already using Ultrabooks at CES. It would be very interesting to walk through the press rooms and take a straw poll. If you’re reporting from CES 2013 and have 30 seconds, let us know what laptop you’re using and plug your website.


The Trade-Show Journalists Ultrabook…also suitable for conferences, seminars and field work


  • Core i5 Ivy Bridge (or Sandy Bridge if you’re not doing video encoding work.)
  • 4GB ram (6-8GB if you’re doing crazy video editing but I never have problems with 4GB and PowerDirector 10 for basic trimming, sequencing, fading and titling.)
  • 128GB fast SSD. (plus external storage if you want to archive source videos and photos)
  • USB 3.0 x3 with ‘sleep and charge.’
  • Full size Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Full size SD card slot
  • 1600×900 screen (14″ probably ideal size)
  • Weight no more than 4lb
  • Full size HDMI port
  • Windows 8 for fast boot and resume, sharing from Win 8 apps
  • Strong dual-channel, dual band WiFi (Intel Centrino 6230 Plus good antenna design)
  • High quality keyboard with backlight
  • 5hr working battery + lightweight charger

Again – get the best WiFi setup possible as you’ll be relying on it in crowded hotspot situations. In addition to a strong WiFi setup, you’ll need a strong 3G/4G setup. Some built-in 3G/4G cards can be very strong.

Best Tech-Journalist Ultrabooks

  • Samsung Series 9 13 & 15″ models (15″-er would be my choice due to big 60Wh battery and weight lower than some 13.3″ Ultrabooks) [Details here]
  • Lenovo X1 Carbon (best wifi, not best battery capacity – 45Wh)
  • Fujitsu U772 with extra battery slice. Over 100Wh of battery should mean it’s possible to leave the charger in the hotel. High quality WiFi too but it’s only got a 1366×768 screen. Even without extra battery it has the biggest capacity of any Ultrabook at 72Wh.
  • Updated HP Elitebook Folio 9470M is also one to consider after March 2013.

Other Ultrabooks to Consider


Got other recommendations or thoughts for the CES 2013 tech journaists? Add them below.

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