Fujitsu Q702 Does The Business at MWC

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I’ve had a very productive week at Mobile World Congress thanks to the Fujitsu Q702. It was worry-free, adaptor-free and charger free because for the first time, I managed to get through a long day’s work without a charger. I also learnt about things I don’t need at a conference. VPro was one (no surprises there for this independent worker) and the detachable tablet was another.

The Fujitsu Q702 has been kindly supplied by Notebooksbilliger.

I often hear people saying “oh it does 95% of what I need.” Bzzzt! Let’s turn that around shall we? Are you saying it doesn’t do 5% of what you need? A ‘solution’ that doesn’t cover 100% of requirements is not a solution. The only solution is one that achieves 100% or more. The Fujitsu Q702 is one of those solutions. It fits the mobile productivity scenario well by offering ports, power, battery life and quality. WiFi quality and 3G quality is superb and can make a huge difference. You really don’t want to be on the 2.4Ghz battleground when trying to connect to the WiFi in the press centre.

2013-02-28-1751What you also need is a very, very high quality working fascia. While the 11.6” matt screen is fine for working in a single-window scenario, the keyboard isn’t quite as I had hoped. It’s accurate but very small for an 11.6” keyboard. As for the mousepad, it’s the weakest point on the Fujitsu Q702. How Fujitsu thought they could drop in a single touch mousepad is beyond me. The mousepad is also picking up the occasional thumb edge and causing the cursor to move position, mid-paragraph. I’ve had to turn the mousepad off for this article and I’m using touchscreen and cursor keys to control the pointer/cursor.

Full SD card slot and Gigabyte Ethernet have been in use every day but I have to remember that I don’t use external screens when on the road. HDMI and VGA isn’t required so, for me, a DisplayPort could be an option.

Fantastic battery life.

The killer feature here though is the battery configuration. Although I don’t use the tablet part of the Q702, I do use the battery inside that tablet part. The total battery life is an easy 6hrs and with careful use it’s a 7hr laptop. If you want complete confidence when traveling, buy an extra battery and hot-swap when needed.  Here are my projected battery life figures for this week based on real usage and recorded by Windows 8. See the command “powercfg –batteryreport” to see your own Windows 8 battery life figures.

  • 2013-02-23
  • 2013-02-24
  • 2013-02-25
  • 2013-02-26
  • 2013-02-27


Other notes


  • Storage hasn’t been an issue this week and I think I could go for another two or three major tradeshows before having storage problems.
  • No noise or heat issues
  • One or two Bluescreens after docking/undocking/coming out of standby.
  • Speaker quality is adequate
  • I don’t feel I’m carrying a stylish bit of kit

A 13” screen would, in all honesty, make not difference in my bag as long as it was the same weight.

Is there an alternative to the Fujitsu Q702?

The Q702 is a unique bit of kit for the moment. Even if you don’t need the tablet feature for work, you might want it for play. I’m sure that I’d be happy with the tablet as my TV companion in the evenings although it is a little heavy, and very expensive to be using casually.

You won’t find that battery capacity anywhere else either!  If you want an Ultrabook under 15″-inches  and with a battery life of over 60Wh you’ll have to search for the Fujitsu SH772 or take the lightweight 15-inch Samsung Series 9.

Is it for me?

As someone who types, a lot, every day, the Fujitsu doesn’t quite match up to my requirements due to the cramped typing style and inferior mousepad. A series 9 15-incher, an Ultrabook I’ve seen a lot of here in the press room at MWC, would be a better match but for those that don’t need the keyboard for 3-hour long typing sessions, it’s a really solid high quality choice.

As a professional travel PC it’s at the top of the list, especially if corporate PC management and security is in the mix. If you think the Q702 might be for you too, don’t hesitate to ask questions below.

The Fujitsu Q702 has been kindly supplied by Notebooksbilliger.


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  1. Bob Duffy says:

    So as a clamshell device it’s good, but not a great tablet. Or was that just your working style. Did you use the stylus much?

  2. Steve Chippy Paine says:

    No it’s not a great consumer tablet. I haven’t really tested the digitizer much although I’m making a point of forcing myself to use it in the office so that I’m more aware of it during further testing.

  3. DaDude says:

    Are you in contact with Fujitsu about the Problems?
    Bluescreen Problems and the touchpad issues could be solved with a BIOS/software update…

    Other than that there were no problems? I read somewhere that heat might be an issue and that this causes the CPU to not Turbo as high as it could.
    Have you tested that or online used it for light workloads?

    I really like this machine and hope to see it at CeBIT, if Fujitsu is there…

    Can you hotswap the battery in the Dock while the tablet itself is running?

  4. Steve Chippy Paine says:

    I will be in touch with Fujitsu, yes.
    As for heat, I haven’t experienced much in laptop mode. I it can get warm around the top-left where the airflow exit is thought. (When under load)

    As for performance, cooling and Turbo I hadn’t tested until now. My video editing operations (generally 1-3 minute rendering operations) were all as fast as I exped. Running a CPU test here and watching the Turbo levels reveals that yes, there’s a very aggresive down-clocking process. It even drops below 1.8Ghz which is actually very noteworthy.

    Thanks for putting me on to this. My tests would have been done next week anyway but it’s good to have it pointed out.

    I’ll do some more tests here, check for updates etc.
    Stay tuned.

  5. DaDude says:

    You should get an Asus Transformer Book for comparison (if Asus sends you one).

    I did just take a look at it’s specs here:
    It has 61 Whr of battery capacity (dock and tablet combined), hdmi + mini and, I think as the first device ever, microsd + full sd card slot.

    The high end hybrid market is becoming very interesting indeed, especially if you add the Thinkpad Helix (and it’s hopefully useful in-dock-cooling-system) to the game.

    I guess I’ll buy one of the three this year as my next “notebook”. Exciting. :)

  6. Quinn says:

    Where or where is my 13″ hybrid with digitizer? This would be great at 13″!

  7. Steve Chippy Paine says:

    Update to this story following the report of low CPU Turbo.

  8. Bob Duffy says:

    Steve after using the ATIV 500 tablet I found natural to use desktop mode only because of the stylus. I then found I prefered tablet to clamshell mode after forcing myself only to operate in that mode. Only thing lacking is performance. As an experiment use the stylus, and don’t touch the device. Try to go a full week just in tablet mode. Might change your might on the stylus and operating in tablet mode.

  9. GG says:

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