Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid in-use at MWC

Posted on 24 February 2013, Last updated on 03 January 2014 by

2013-02-24-1659After all the Clovertrail testing last week the plans to take a consumer tablet to MWC took a turn at the last minute. The Fujitsu Q702 turned up for testing and it bumped itself to the top of the list based on some amazing specs; the first and most important of which is a total 70Wh battery with 44Wh of that as a replaceable in the base. Hot-swap goodness!

Depending on your stance, this Fujitu Q702 is either a 11.6 inch ultra mobile PC – a tablet that weighs 850gm and includes a full Core i5 platform, or an Ultrabook when docked.

At 1700 Euro this is not something you buy without thought but here are a few things that might tempt you.

  •  Matt capacitive display with digitizer and pen (stowed on base)
  • 3G (Sierra Wireless Gobi with GPS)
  • 2×2 WiFi
  • Fingerprint reader, VPro and TPM
  • Full SD, Full Gig E. Full HDMI, Full VGA, Four USB ports
  • Array mic, two webcams, very fast SSD
  •  Windows 8 Pro.

My unboxing video is here.

In yesterdays test I got a good 6hrs of work out of the Fujitsu Q702 with about an hour to spare. I have the mains cable with me today but it will probably stay in the hotel tomorrow.

My apologies to those who wanted some Clovertrail action. It was a risk that I was prepared to take but when the Q702 turned up, there were to many reasons to take it instead.

For information on what I’m doing at MWC this week, see this post at Ultrabooknews.

5 Comments For This Post

  1. Marauderz says:

    Great to hear that the Q702 is working out for you, this was going to be my new work PC until I saw the price tag and shook my head in disbelief. Also.. no stylus silo on the tablet!!

    I’m not waiting for delivery on the oft delayed Samsung Ativ PC Pro… I hope I can get it before March..

  2. jjrdias says:

    I think it’s become obvious that two batteries – one behind the (touch)screen and one beneath the keyboard is the way to go.
    And with the improvements Haswell and Silverview will bring, we’re looking at astonishing battery endurance, and a new level of (real) mobility.

  3. animatio says:

    simply said: a device how it should be done, but about 700 bucks too expensive.

  4. Osiris says:

    Sad that in the current gen of products the best feature of this thing is the stylus docked in the dock…stylus silos really went out with this current gen, great to see this include one. Other features look good too but Fujitsu tablets are just too pricey.

    Not sure why it was a risk for you to take a clover trail though…I’ve been ‘risking’ the samsung with me on overnight consulting trips and hasn’t missed a beat, what tasks wouldnt it be up to handling at MWC? Video podcasts / editing I suppose?

  5. vps says:

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