Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 Review. Core-Based VPro Hybrid

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Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid (3)

This isn’t going to be a standard review of the Fujitsu Q702. This review include 2-weeks of mobile working experience over two trade-shows which included many thousands of words or text, hundreds of images and around 30 YouTube video productions while away from mains power. We’ve found some issues. We’ve spoken to Fujitsu. We’ve done a lot of analysis on the bigger picture with Hybrids too. The Fujitsu Q702 is the most complex and multi-faceted PC we’ve ever tested so grab a coffee and enjoy the review.

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 isn’t an Ultrabook but at 1.6KG (including dock) and built around ‘ultra’ components including the Ultrabook-level Core i5 CPU, a fast SSD, dual-layer touchscreen and including VPro, fingerprint reader and a double-battery system, it exceeds the capabilities of many Ultrabooks. Only the thickness of the Q702 prevents it from being an Ultrabook but for the weight, you won’t find any Ultrabooks that have the battery life that the Q702 does.

The Fujitsu Q702 has been kindly loaned by Notebooksbilliger



Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 Review model full specifications.

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  • CPU type: Intel Core i5-3427U (Ivy Bridge, 1.8Ghz nominal)
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4000
  • OS: Windows 8 Pro
  • Display Size:11.6-inch 1366×768
  • Screen Type: LED-Backlit LCD. Matt
  • Touch Technology: 10-point Multi-touch. NTrig digitizer with pen included.
  • Unbranded single-touch touchpad with separate mouse buttons.
  • RAM: 4GB
  • SSD: 128GB (Samsung MZMPC128HBFU)
  • Battery capacity: 34 Wh in tablet section. 45Wh removable in keyboard section.
  • Weight: 1682gm / 3lb 10oz (Tablet: 876gm, base:805gm) PSU weight: 270gm
  • Ports: (Tablet) 1xUSB2.0, 1x USB3.0, Full SD card slot. HDMI, headphone, mic. Base unit: 1x VGA, 2XUSB2.0,  Gigabit Ethernet,
  • WiFi/BT4.0 – Centrino Advanced-N 6205
  • 3G – Sierra Wireless.  Max 21Mbps download. Includes GPS
  • TPM, VPro, Fingerprint Reader, Anti-Theft
  • Ambient light sensor. Rotation sensor.
  • NO Keyboard backlight.
  • 5MP rear cam. 1.3MP front cam. Stereo speakers. Array mic.
  • On tablet frame: Wireless off switch. Power switch. Rotation lock, volume up/down
  • Digitiser pen garage on keyboard base unit


The Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 is available with various SSD options include self-encrypting drives. Core i3, without VPro and many other options. Price, as configured: 1699 Euro (1427 Euro before tax.)

First Impressions

The Fujitsu Stylistic unboxing video is below (supporting article is here.)


External Build,Ports, Ergonomics

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 isn’t the most attractive of packages. It’s relatively thick and chunky, has a keyboard that looks like it came from a 10” netbook from 2 years ago. It sports a big silver VGA port on one side that looks like it was retrofitted. 1.6KG for an 11.6” laptop isn’t exactly light either – the Acer S7 comes in at 1KG for example. The trackpad looks small and on first boot the screen appears a little weak and washed out. It sounds terrible doesn’t it but remember, we’re not dealing with a fashion victim here. Book, cover, we’ll say no more about the aesthetics.

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 is built for work.  It’s relatively thick because it houses a port-set and battery that is second to none and by the way, it’s a hybrid device with a secondary battery for extra long periods between charging. There’s digitizer pen stored in the base unit, full SD card slot on the tablet and more…


Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid (6)Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid (7)

Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid (12)Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid (14)

While the port selection is good there are a few things to note. Firstly there’s no Displayport output. Secondly, the VGA port is on the dock but the HDMI port is on the tablet. You’ll need to take the dock with you if you need the VGA port. There’s only one USB3.0 port and we couldn’t detect any sleep-and-charge which can be extremely useful for those overnight hotel-room charging sessions. The SIM card slot is hidden behind the hinge when docked.


Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid (15)


Working Fascia (Keyboard, Screen, Mouse)

We mentioned above that the trackpad looks small, the keyboard looks similarly small and the screen appears a little washed. Let’s start with the screen. This is a 1366×768 wide viewing angle panel with 10-finger capacitive touch and an NTrig digitizer layer. It includes a slightly matt finish. It also includes an ambient light controlled backlight which you can’t override. It works but there are occasional moments when it would be nice to have full control, especially for presenting using the tablet. The backlight tends towards energy efficiency and in addition with the matt finish, tends to take the punchiness away.

The digitizer works will but despite trying to force ourselves to use it for daily operations it felt awkward. It’s there for those that need it for graphics, annotations, handwriting recognition and editing but it’s not really useful for tech journalist types like us. Over time, we’re sure we’d find uses for it with annotating. Kids would probably enjoy it too but remember that it’s an expensive tablet!

Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid (21)

The touchscreen on our review sample had a major problem. We’re not sure if it’s related to heat but towards the end of our second week of use the touchscreen occasionally registered touch on the top-right of the screen without us touching it. It caused applications to lose focus. It was serious enough that we looked for a way to disable the touchscreen and eventually had to stop using the Q702. We lost work, we ended up editing something we didn’t want to, we failed to get touch responses some of the time. When you’re under pressure to get an article finished it is as annoying as a jumpy mousepad. This is clearly a fault with our review sample and we’ve already spoken to Fujitsu about it. We’ll update with info here when we get a response. If you buy the Q702, keep a check on this issue and contact Fujitsu or your reseller if you experience it.

As for the mousepad, we initially thought we had a problem there but it’s obviously the touchscreen causing the jumpy-pointer issue. However, the mousepad is a simple single-touch unit and should be better. The mouse buttons are solid and reliable but come-on Fujitsu, there’s no place for single-touch touchpads on anything but the cheapest of laptops.

Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid (24)

Moving on to the keyboard we can see why it doesn’t extend to the width of the base-unit. Those ports take a lot of room. Fortunately the keyboard is very accurate and reliable and once we got used to it we had no problems at all. Two things you must be aware of though. 1) There’s no backlight. 2) After just two weeks of typing the cream coloured keycap lettering faded due to dirt and we can’t clean it back to original easily. This could be an issue over time unless the user can find a way to clean the caps without damaging the lettering paint.

Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid (31)   Fujitsu Q702 Hybrid (32)

Tablet Usage and Hinge

The key feature of the Fujitsu Q702 design is the separable screen and keyboard unit. Known as a hybrid design, it allows the user to use the device in more than the usual desktop or lap scenario. Unlike the Intel Atom Clovertrail-based hybrids which lean towards being a tablet first and laptop second, this Intel Core-based hybrid is primarily a laptop first and that’s to do with the performance, the weight and the battery life of the tablet. Compared to even Atom-based tablets of a few years ago it’s not that heavy but it’s still outside the comfort zone for long-term casual usage. With a battery capacity of 34Wh within the tablet it won’t last for much longer than 4hrs too so keeping it docked and charged is important.  An interesting design issue is that the digitizer pen ‘garage’ is in the base unit making it possible that you don’t have it with you when you use the tablet.

The docking system is a simple affair but do be aware that this could be a weak-point over a longer period of time. Constant docking and undocking, especially if done without care, could result in worn connections and even after two weeks we have seen a couple of situations where the screen went blank on us. Also note that this isn’t a simple USB-based extender as it includes a VGA port and battery. The price of the dock reflects that.

The additional battery is worth more than you think. Not only does it push the total battery capacity for the unit to a class-leading 80Wh, it’s removable too. Not only that but because you can remove the tablet from the dock, you get hot-swap capability. One spare battery brings you to 125Wh and 12-15 hours of productivity which is truly an all-day, worry-free capability in well under 2KG. Note that the battery weighs about the same as the power supply so if you leave that at home, you’re still under 2KG in weight. It’s this battery life flexibility that is the highlight feature of the Fujitsu Q702. More on the battery life later.

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  1. grimy55 says:

    Also have the jumpy pointer issue sometimes… very annoying. But never when the slate is undocked. I wonder if it’s not due to a hypersensitive dock/touchpad.

    It is a very good unit overall. But I would want some clarifications about this pointer issue before to recommend it.

    Thanks for this nice review.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks grimy55. I’m waiting for Fujitsu feedback on this issue. Interesting you don’t get the problem when undocked.

  3. Carlos says:

    Same issue here, it makes the Tablet useless unless connected to an external monitor. Fujitsu is looking at this.
    If they get back to you before they get back to me, please drop me a line.
    I will post here their answer.

  4. DaDude says:

    Thx for the review, Steve.

    I hope Fujitsu will clarify the cpu downclock issue. 1.0GHz is really bad if you have a 1.8GHz stock CPU…

  5. Doddy says:

    Hi Chippy, wonderful review.

    It is true that Q702 is a nice product. If we compare it to Sony Vaio Duo, which one is better? Seems that Sony Vaio Duo has a number of similar features including variety of ports, Ntrig-pens, and also long battery life (with additional battery dock).

    Warm regards,

  6. Damian says:

    I can’t believe after all these years Ntrig hasn’t sorted their issues with their screens. The “ghost touch” issue is well documented – including by me! It’s unacceptable for a dual touch screen to be like this especially when the Wacom screens do not have this issue. I loved the Dell XT as a tablet but the screen issue caused me to get rid of it (and the XT 2 as I was silly enough to go back for a second try).

  7. Channel 2012 says:

    This almost looks better than the Surface Pro 2! It appears to have a better trackpad, superior connectivity, a bigger screen, greater screen angle flexibility, and more battery packs. The only notable shortcoming that I can see here is the narrow keyboard.

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