Lenovo Helix expected in April

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Is the wait almost over? The question about when the Lenovo Helix would be made available looks to be getting clearer and may be answered in a few short weeks, at least for US buyers according to the official Lenovo twitter account.


Lenovo Helix


The Lenovo Helix was officially unveiled back at CES in January but since then firm information on when people would actually be able to buy one has not been forthcoming. The official Lenovo Twitter account responded to an enquiry recently about the Helix’s availability with a date of April, though no exact date was given. And it appears this will only be for the US so when it will become available for other parts of the world is still unclear.

However with the start of April just about 5 days away it hopefully wont be too long before the picture becomes clearer for US sales and general availability for other countries.

Update from Europe: Most retailers are reporting 1-4 weeks for delivery. We’re in contact with Lenovo Europe to try and get you more information as soon as it’s available.


Lenovo on Twitter

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10 Comments For This Post

  1. Genghis Khent says:

    Chippy, my supplier (CDW) told me: “Late April. Early ETAs are saying the week of 22nd-26th for your order.” However, just received automated backorder notice of estimated ship date of May 15. Bottom line is only Lenovo knows. Assuming they even do.

  2. Robert says:

    interesting prossduct :)

  3. Robert says:

    I would even say not just a prossduct but product;)

  4. Freddy says:

    Too late Haswell chip out soon

  5. Genghis Khent says:

    I tend to agree with Freddy. Too late. Wonder if Lenovo will delay it further to use the Haswell chip?

  6. Don says:

    Sorry, but I just can’t see the fascination with a $1500, .8 inch thick, 3.78 pound 11.6inch screen brick. If you want a tablet, buy a tablet and if you want a pc to travel with buy an ultrabook. You can either at half the price and at better quality.

  7. Skaertus says:

    A nice laptop, but it’s too little, too late. The US$ 1499 price tag is too much.

    Apple offers a laptop which has a larger screen, a much higher resolution and pixel density, a faster processor, and is lighter, for the same price.

    A touch screen and a conversion mechanism that turns it into a tablet are not enough to justify this price. And, as far as I am concerned, Lenovo has not yet unveiled the specifications for this price tag. It’s up to Core i7, up to 8 GB RAM, and up to 256 GB SSD. Lenovo may choose to charge a premium for maxing the specs.

  8. Dave Whittle says:

    If you can’t see why anyone would pay $2000+ for a Helix, just don’t buy one. There are PLENTY of us who want the all-day battery life, a no-compromise laptop tablet and a touch-screen Ultrabook in one unit, and the legendary ThinkPad keyboard, TrackPoint, rugged reliability, and superior engineering of a ThinkPad.

    I have an iPad and a Macbook Pro, and yet I want a Helix – because the iPad and Macbook Pro are completely independent units that might as well be from different companies. The more of you who don’t see the reasons for buying a Helix the better, because the demand for this unit already far exceeds the supply and will probably continue to do so well into the future. Unfortunately for me, the price is likely to be high because most people recognize that the Helix is a game-changer.

  9. Genghis Khent says:

    Dave, I agree that the Helix is a very nice device for the reasons you mentioned, and worth a price premium. That’s why I pre-ordered it.

    But as Freddy says, given that Haswell is just around the corner, and may be a game changer (high performance cake + long battery life) …

    I know if you wait for the next great device you can wait forever. But with Haswell almost here … it does cause me to pause.

  10. bobsmith says:

    Due to the delays in the Helix release and the fact that haswell is almost here (with some reports it may even come early), I for one will pass on the helix, despite really wanting it. Surface pro 2 or Helix 2 will be out in a couple months and the battery life and/or weight will be far superior. Plus with any first release of a product there are bugs, so waiting for the second iteration typically pays off dramatically. Apparently Win8 apparently has a big update (“blue”) coming as well.

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