Acer Aspire V5 Touch in AMD Temash Version. Available Now (and Incoming!)

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The Acer Aspire V5 has always been a notebook to keep an eye on. It’s not quite an Ultrabook but comes with a very nice price which probably explains why it appears to have been a big seller. Variants range from an AMD C-70 version with an 11.6” screen at netbook pricing up to a Core i5 with 15.6″-inch touchscreen and 750GB drive. An AMD Temash A6-1450 4-core 1Ghz with 1.4Ghz Turbo is also now available. The 11.6-inch screen will be multi-touch and the price about $450.  We’ve ordered one.

Update: All specifications, images, a few videos and comments now in our Acer Aspire V5-122 specifications page.


The Acer Aspire V5 with AMD Temash will start with 2GB of RAM, no SSD-cache and, the same low-capacity battery found on the other models (30Wh for about 3-4hrs) but if you fancy doing some upgrades and don’t need huge battery life, it’s worth looking at. The 11.6” models weighs 1.38KG, have graphics performance above what you’ll find with an Ivy Bridge Ultrabook and, clock-for-clock, similar CPU power. [More information on AMD Temash]

In Germany the Acer Aspire V5-122P-61454G50NSS is already available with 4GB, 500GB hard disk, 30Wh battery and even a back-lit keyboard for around 480 Euros (inc 19% tax)

Update: The new V5 122 has a DisplayPort and slot for additional battery. Note that this is a new design of V5 compared to previous 11.6″ V5’s

Update: All specifications, images, a few videos and comments now in our Acer Aspire V5-122 specifications page.

We haven’t tested the A6-1450 yet but we’re interested enough to have just pushed the button on an order. The V5 will be here later this week and we have a couple of BP4 SSD drives from MyDigitalDiscount that are ready to be dropped in!

Acer Aspire V5Acer Aspire V5 (2)

Via Netbooknews. Source. Order source.

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  1. curaga says:

    How does the price compare to a similar 11.6 incher with the same specs but with a similarly performing Intel chip (CPU performance only because I’m not a gamer). Thanks!

  2. Steve Chippy Paine says:

    With the new design I haven’t seen any other models yet but in the 2012 design the prices, without touch, were similar. New design is lighter and also has back-lit keyboard.

  3. Steve Chippy Paine says:

    A few updates on specifications in the article.
    We’re getting one on Friday. Who’s interested in a live session?

  4. Om says:

    I would really enjoy a live session :)

  5. me says:

    I’d like a live session but I’ll be watching the videos afterwards where they hopefully only have the good parts : )

  6. artaman says:

    if the 4-6Watt temash apu is as good as the first benchmarks suggest I really wonder what the kabini apus rated at 18Watts can do…give a decent run for their money to haswell ULVs or even outgun them?

  7. James says:

    Very doubtful, Intel is claiming Haswell can idle down to just below 100mw, at least for their mobile range… Temash can’t idle down that low, the APU alone only has a idle level of 0.75W (750mw)…

    Though both are much better than say the present Ivy Bridge, which only can idle down to about a whopping 3W and AMD did also improve their S3 suspend state. So both will offer better battery life than available now.

    But AMD has made no mention of supporting power states that will support mobile features like Always Connected Standby but Haswell will…

    The Temash scores should also be noted that they likely include the Turbo mode…

    Basically the Quad Core version can ramp up its max TDP from 5.9W to 14W as it scales its CPU clock from 1GHz to 1.4GHz.

    While the dual core version stays at 1GHz and about 3.6W max TDP…

    Besides, other than the fact Temash is a SoC, there aren’t many differences between it and Kabini… Both use Jaguar CPU cores for example. So don’t expect a huge performance difference between them…

    Both Kabini and Temash will be a lot cheaper than Haswell though and except for the high end Haswells that’ll get Iris (Crystalwell) GPU enhancement then they may compete well graphically but otherwise Haswell would offer more…

  8. artaman says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to explain all these in details.

    Basically, maybe I misread the various entries available for the quad core temash, I thought that the 1.4GHz clock could be recahed while staying in the 6W envelope.

    If indeed it it gets up to 14W, it really isn’t that good in terms of performance/watt.

  9. Robert Jesolowitz says:

    Hell Steve:)I would enjoy a live session too Acer is rising in my estime I think:) also the R7 is such a clever design:-) that should be fun to Review as well.

  10. kj says:

    +1 on live session

    Can’t wait!

  11. Steve Chippy Paine says:

    Package still working it’s way here. Will update. Target :2100 Berlin Time.

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