First Atom Bay Trail device coming from Acer?

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Intel’s Bay Trail Atom chip is the successor to the Clover Trail Atom CPU that currently powers a number of Windows 8 devices and is expected to provide a significant performance boost over its predecessor, could Acer be among the first manufacturers to release a Bay Trail device? If a recent rumored device is indeed real the answer could be yes. Meet the Bay Trail powered Acer WT5.



The Acer WT5 is rumored to have a 1080p 10″ IPS display, 4G LTE connectivity as well as 2GB RAM, 64GB of storage and an 8MP camera. No other details are mentioned like price but it can be expected to feature ports like HDMI, microSD and a second camera for video conferencing.

Acer’s current Atom powered tablet offering, the W510 has been mostly well received due to the excellent battery life of the tablet and even more so with the optional (in some markets) keyboard dock and low price. Performance is the same as other Clover Trail tablets and is good for light tasks. With the expected boost in performance from the improved Bay Trail chip Acer could be well placed to capture a significant portion of the market if they can carry over their current battery life and price advantages to the WT5. Hopefully Computex next month will provide more details on this device.


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  1. meengla yip says:

    I still love the Acer W 510 despite its track pad. But when the Acer WT5 comes out then I may give the W510 to my wife–she can struggle with that track pad on its keyboard :)

  2. Osiris says:

    For a company that seems to monthly badmouth windows 8 and or its tablets they seem to be doing well to pump out the win8 tablet varieties. They have offered reasonable support, pricing and along with samsung with some of the first to the market with the current gen so they are worth a look in and keeping an eye on.

    Especially with baytrail which should be pretty awesome.

  3. animatio says:

    well it looks that the “mouthing* was badly needed as the redmond company in its arrogance did not want to listen in advance to competent users during win8 development (same with vista)and has now to creep back sheepisly a lot in certain aspects of usability. may be they will have to do the same with the actual licensing model (like they already had to with office).

  4. timon says:

    If you like using Acer PC (TPC), I would rather you bought the newest Acer P3-171 3229Y (Core i3 3229Y processor), which is with an SATA 3.0 SSD, but is not a very bad eMMC SSD to an x86 OS – all of the Atom z2760 tablets.

    Acer P3-171 i3 3229Y tablet is now price 3200 CNY (520 USD) in China (does not include keyboard kit), 11.6-inch IPS screen, USB 3.0, weight 768g, battery 6 hours, cold boot time is less than 10-sec, very fast.
    Acer P3-171 i3 3229Y tablet kit is 4300 CNY (695 USD), the keyboard includes accessional battery 3 hours.

    Acer P3-171 i3 3229Y tablet is far better than the Acer W 510. However, Acer P3-171 i3 3229Y tablet is also with non-interchangeable battery, for a con and unsatisfactory.

    If you wanted a really creditable Atom tablet, need to wait for Bay Trail Slides, will support STAT 2.0 (not 3.0) and USB 3.0. Also, 8 or 9 inches Windows 8 tablet would come soon.

    Truly, Mr. Paul Otellini ought to retire. Up to now, the Windows 8 is not adequately active in tablet market, therein the problem in half showed from Intel Atom z2760. If with eMMC SSD, why we to buy the expensive Atom z2760 Windows 8? iPad is cheaper with eMMC.

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  5. timon says:

    Even if the eMMC SSD Windows 8 Atom to drop down the price will be still inconclusive, the Android tablets are always with cheaper price and flooding, but the Windows x86 tablet’s mainly advantageous conditions are not the lowest-end market, so, Atom in x86 Windows must support SATA SSD with better performance.

    Kodak corp have ever had a lot of advanced digital image technologies, however Kodak only wanted to keep their film profit margin during faced to the raging waves of digital image market, sorry, people have seen Kodak finally speeded up died at himself. Today, could it be Kodak ghost would replay to Intel?

    If others who – like AMD may hit in x86 mobile computing market, well then, Intel will have to do Atom to provide SATA 3.0 (no longer 2.0) and USB 3.0 with better performance. Regrettable, AMD is now very stagnant. In the current x86 mobile processor industry the competition is too lacking.

    Acer P3-171 i3 3229Y tablet is far better than the Acer W510/Atom z2760.
    However, Acer P3-171 i3 3229Y tablet is also with non-interchangeable battery, and the fixed 2GB RAM cannot get a upgrade, (if who wanted to have a 64-bit Windows OS, the RAM to be 4GB at lowest), for its two obvious cons unsatisfactory.

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