Toshiba Portege Z10T Spec Update, New Videos, Global Pricing

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The Toshiba Portege Z10T is filtering into channels around the world so we’ve taken the chance to update the Toshiba Portege Z10T Information page by adding a few new videos and some specs. Some new pricing details and a summary are below.


Toshiba Z10TToshiba Portege Z10t 2


Before we get into some specs and prices though it’s worth mentioning that Engadget have had some recent hands-on and will be publishing a review soon. Engadget mention a Haswell refresh which might not be the best thing for Toshiba to be publicising but we suspect it will be a number of months before that version appears. In the meantime you’ve got “one of the best” tablet displays, a Wacom and smaller, stowable pen, Core i5 or i7 VPro [We suspect many more options including Celeron] and a “nice, textured” tracking stick. We note that there’s no additional battery in the base.

Taking a look at some of the specifications out there we suspect that the docking station may also work with the Toshiba WT310 tablet range which also includes an Atom and Celeron variant. Let’s ignore those for the time being though and focus on the fact that you could buy the WT310-10C with Core i5-3339Y and then add the docking station later. This is unconfirmed at this stage.

Variants in Europe lead us to believe there will be models that don’t ship with a pen or VPro so be careful about what you’re ordering.

So far we haven’t seen any battery capacity figures but with the tablet weighing about 900gms, there’s scope for 40-45Wh of battery in there although all those ports will be taking a lot of space.

Here are a couple of models we’ve seen in Europe…

Z10t-A-103 / PT131E-00700HEN
11.6″ FHD Touchscreen Ultrabook with Detachable Screen/Core i5-3339Y/4GB/128GB SSD/agn/3MP Front & 1MP Rear/1yr/TPM Win8 Pro
€ 1,149

Z10t-A-104 /  PT132E-001006EN
11.6″ FHD Touchscreen Ultrabook with Detachable Screen & Digitizer Stylus/Core i5-3439Y/4GB/128GB SSD/agn/3MP Front & 1MP Rear/1yr/TPM/AMT Win8 Pro
€ 1,349

Variants are appearing in the UK too. In the USA we haven’t seen model details yet. Early news indicates that a $1499 version will be available soon but given the variants around the world, expect to see cheaper versions after a while.

In Australia Telstra are launching a 4G / Celeron version on a 24-month plan.

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Link: Engadget hands-on

1 Comments For This Post

  1. Clio says:

    Aesthetics plays a major role in consumer decisions nowadays. Looking at the hands-on photos from Engadget, the keyboard docking clamp gets in the way of the otherwise clean glass design, and is a major eye-saw.

    Although functionally, it ticks many of the right boxes for me, I think this device is not going to sell well simply because of the poor Keyboard clamp aesthetics.

    Toshiba people, if you’re reading this, please revise the Keyboard dock Clamp design really soon to prevent a flop.

    If possible, also add removable Li-Polymer under the keyboard, or even cheap 18600 Li-Ion batteries (3-cell and 6-cell options) sticking out at the back. All that space at the back of the keyboard dock looks wasteful.

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