Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows Tablet Close-Up. (Video)

Posted on 11 September 2013, Last updated on 30 October 2014 by


Update: Full Dell Venue 8 Pro Specifications now in the database (and we’re adding more content as we find it.)

Pro 8 Tablet with Thin Cover Keyboard and Stylus

I’ve managed to get a video close-up of the Dell Venue Window 8, 8-inch tablet. Watch the video and you’ll here the product manager give some new information. I had hands-on too and it feels absolutely great, a real quality tablet. 400gm in weight is amazing.

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  1. SL says:

    This looks nice. Do you know what battery life it will have ? Will it have a Wacom digitizer ? CNET mentions a stylus, Anandtech mentioned “All day battery life”. The resolution is probably not 1920×1080 (FullHD)–however much that would be great–even if mentioned by the rep in the video. CNET and a close-up pic at The Verge suggest the resolution is 1280×800 only.

  2. DM says:

    Looks like a much better attempt at an 8 inch W8 device compared to the thick and heavy Acer W310. Keep up the good work Chippy, looking forward to a video with the Asus T100.

  3. Tom says:

    Can’t watch the video right now but does it have the following:
    -USB charging (what rates, PC USB and wall charger detection and current limiting based on max current detection)
    -full size ports (USB, HDMI, SDXC, etc.)
    -Active stylus and holder (prefer the X70’s bezel mouse though)
    -extended battery options (replaceable or customizable during order)


  4. Shadoi says:

    There was a time in my life that if a device like this came out it would have blown my mind but not really anymore.

    1. Atom still costs considerably more than ARM. Every single dollar matters when manufactures build devices.

    2. The Windows license is still WAY too high. Windows tablets at the same price point as Android tablets always have inferior specs because manufactures have to allow for a Windows tax (I’m not even counting at-cost devices like the Nexus). This device could have easily afforded a full HD screen otherwise if MS would drop their license fee.

    3. Windows desktop sucks on a small screen.

    4. Metro is good on a small screen but it’s app ecosystem is lightyears behind Android/iOS.

    So whats the compelling reason to buy this device?

    MS/Intel are still stuck in the past. I really don’t see a place for MS anymore in the consumer market through the next decade unless they make all versions of Windows free. Google has outmaneuvered MS at every corner in mobile mindshare, marketshare, free OS licenses, & courting partners. Everybody is hedging their bets against MS at this point with Android/ChromeOS devices (even Intel with it’s Android support).

    Simply put, there is no future in licensing OS’s anymore. Apple is also about to find out that there is no future in excessive hardware margins either (iPmini was the 1st breaking point). There is only 1 future and it’s services/ecosystems.

  5. James says:

    I disagree on “considerably more than ARM”, even these Windows 8 tablets are priced very competitively with similar performance range ARM devices…

    Mind, Bay Trail devices running on Android will be even cheaper and should get pricing very close to what we’re already seeing for Tegra 4, etc. based devices.

    The Windows license is a bit of a barrier but it’s the only mainstream desktop OS being offered right now on mobile devices and they’re including a free license for MS Office Home & Student for 10.8″ and smaller devices to help increase the value…

    I agree on point three but that can be worked around in most cases… It’s nothing that Netbook and UMPC users didn’t have to deal with too and solutions like docks with bigger screens and larger keyboards and mouse can easily be set up these days. They even got fairly large portable screens that can be powered over the USB port, which many of these Windows 8 tablets will provide.

    On point four, that’s a bit of a exaggeration even though mostly true but it’s growing rapidly. Mozilla and others are finally starting to provide ModernUI versions of their apps, browsers, etc. In another year we’ll likely have ModernUI versions of MS Office and few other pro programs too…

    So it’s getting there, while even on Android and iOS when doing anything productive you still need a keyboard… meaning it’s not like you don’t have to adapt with the other alternatives either!

    I also disagree that Intel and MS are stuck in the past, much of what they’re doing is to get ready for the future. It just remains to be seen if they’re ready for the right version of the future or not and whether they can last long enough to get there!

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