Sony Vaio Tap 11. 780gm…with Core. Groundbreaking!

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Sony Vaio Tap 11 (19)

The Sony Vaio Tap 11 has got an 11.6” screen which really puts it outside the ‘handheld WIndows’ category. On the other hand it weighs only 780gm, comes  with a super light, but very usable keyboard, offers full Core-level performance and has a digitizer. It is, in my opinion, a benchmark for 2013 and 2014 Haswell-based tablets.

I didn’t know whether to post about it on Ultrabooknews (as it uses an Ultrabook-style platform) or here, because it’s so damn portable. In the end I chose both. Read the article at Ultrabooknews (with details on specs, battery life) and watch the video here and tell me what you think.

Full Sony Vaio Tap 11 gallery here.


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  1. Gadgety says:

    14.15mm total thickness with the keyboard, 9.9mm thin tablet. I really like it. 780g, is only 100g more than the Surface RT, and 130 grams less than the Surface Pro. The Tap 11 WITH its keyboard is only one millimeter thicker than the Surface Pro WITHOUT the keyboard. The only downside compared to the Helix or the Surface Pro is it comes with N-Trig instead of Wacom. The thinness of the tablet is partially possible because they chose N-Trig instead of Wacom. 256 levels of pressure sensitivity, compared to 1024 on the Surface Pro, and 2048 on the Helix. At least there will be a specially developed N-Trig version of Photoshop and Illustrator made for the Tap 11. It comes with and 8mp camera and OCR for document copying built in. I believe I heard you mention a 256GB SSD at the top range 1299 price, but it’s a 512GB SSD. It really is impressive.

  2. Gadgety says:

    Oh I forgot. The N-Trig pen. Couldn’t they have made it magnetic so it stuck to the case without an add on physical pen holder?

  3. stan says:

    I would consider selling my x15 ultra for one of these if it had a removable battery. What did Kupa figure out design size that others haven’t?

    Hanswell isn’t the magic bullet expected, at this form factor a 1 to 1.5h improvement over 3rd gen. That being said, the improvements when say watching HD video, with WiFi on etc may be interesting.

  4. animatio says:

    a road in the right direction, but not a mature device yet. if considered a professional mutlimedia creation device at least 6-8 hrs battery usage are imperative. for me no more than a design study. interesting but only half backed.

  5. Nikhil @ says:

    This is really a groundbreaking stuff.

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