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Toshiba Encore (1)

Impressive, Toshiba’s 480 gram  Windows 8.1 Tablet is really nice. Assume BayTrail  as you check out the pics and view the video below.

Oh, and 299 Euro is for the 32GB version.

Toshiba EncoreToshiba Encore (3)Toshiba Encore (5)Toshiba Encore (6)Toshiba Encore (7)

There’s no plan for a 3G version at the moment and there aren’t any accessories but with BT, USB and HDMI on-board, you’ve got the possibility to set up a basic desktop.

Battery life is quoted as up to 7hrs.

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7 Comments For This Post

  1. Transporter says:

    Thank you Chippy for the prompt update.
    Have been checking this site regularly for something to replace viliv s5.

  2. Luke says:

    This is little bit bigger but smallest you can get I guess (certainly thinner). I used S5 mainly for navigation and interestingly this also has GPS built-in. Still hoping for a 5-6″ W8 tablet.

  3. Alan says:

    No mouse pointer? I don’t want an active stylus but I want a mouse pointer. I’d even like a mouse pointer on my Android phone.

    Does this charge via the micro-USB? If so, does it automatically change how much current it draws based on whether it’s connected to computer USB port or a wall charger?

    What’s the WiFi setup (ie. chip, antennas, dual band, etc.)? I don’t want WiFi to cut out while I’m moving around or even while just staying still.

    Is the chip artificially hardware limited to 32-bit? I use VMware Workstation and it requires a 64-bit chip even with a 32-bit OS.

  4. guy says:

    More info on USB charging would be great. For example, charge rate and automatic current draw control based on the charging source. A max of 2.5 W from a PC USB port. Current sensing and limiting when connected to a dedicated charging port because not all chargers can provide the 7.5 W requirement. Some chargers can provide more (I’ve seen 15 W) and it would be nice to be able to draw that much as well.

  5. Dan Hayden says:

    Hey Chippy,

    Love all the work you are doing on these tablets over the years. Thanks so much. How does the screen compare to the Acer Iconia W3 that everyone is complaining about? (Amazon US 64Gb for $299). Also how much are we talking about for the 64Gb model because everyone is complaining about having only around 8-10 GB left after Windows 8 or 8.1 is on the 32 GB system. Thanks again. Dan

  6. ArchiMark says:

    Thanks for the updates, Chippy….

    Interested to hear more about this one…..display quality, performance, other usability aspects….

  7. Steven Alexander says:

    Please test the handwriting recognition. Do the faster stylus/finger strokes go all wavy?

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