Toshiba Encore Windows Tablet – Confirmed 299 Euro and Ready For Christmas

Posted on 25 September 2013, Last updated on 27 November 2013 by

Toshiba Germany have today confirmed that the Toshiba Encore is coming soon. While no more detail on specifications was given we’ve already managed to pick most of the detail up from our hands-on at IFA. (The product information page is here.)

The price for the 32GB version is 299 Euro. No price or information was given for other cheap celebrex online versions but we’re expecting a 64GB version to appear. Update: 349 Euro for the 64GB version. A new set of photos has been added to the gallery and our hands-on video is below.




The Toshiba Encore will be competing with the Dell Venue (Windows) tablet which will launch on October 2nd in New York. The 8-inch tablet is less than 9mm thin. 400 grams. All day battery life.

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  1. John in Norway says:

    Do you know of any 8 inch Windows tablets coming out with a digitizer? I’ve been thinking of getting the Note 8 but would prefer Windows over Android for getting anything done.

  2. stone says:

    Any 7″-8″ device with an optical mouse? I’d find that more useful than an active stylus for my non-inking and non-artist uses.

  3. me says:

    Intel’s ARK page for the Z3740 and Z3770 say these chips are 64-bit. Does that mean an OEM can put in 4 or more GB of RAM and install the 64-bit version of Windows 8? I don’t mind sacrificing Connected Standby and I assume active screen on battery life would be similar right? Ignoring the extra power consumption of more RAM.

    It supports VT-x but doesn’t support VT-x with Extended Page Tables. Too bad. That significantly improves virtualization performance which is probably needed because the Bay Trail Atom is still isn’t a powerhouse CPU.

  4. Chippy says:

    The CPU has a 64-bit architecture but the software on top of it (including drivers I guess) is limited to 32-bit right now. Intel are going to enable the 64-bit feature in 2014. It won’t be a user-upgradeable thing though. Not that on Baytrail-M you can have up to 8GB RAM. (Baytrail-T, the Z3xxx series is limited to 4GB.)

  5. guy says:

    The chips aren’t artificially limited to 32-bit in hardware like Clover Trail, right? Once there are 64-bit drivers, what other problems would prevent users from installing the 64-bit version of Windows? This would be useful even for 4 GB of RAM. 32-bit Windows can’t use all 4 GB of RAM (usually 3.25 GB). Also, processes are limited to 2 GB of memory.

    If the chips aren’t hardware limited to 32-bit then I assume VMware products would be compatible since they require the x86-64 extensions. Otherwise, supporting VT-x wouldn’t be very useful on a Windows host seeing that VMware is one of the more widely used hosted desktop virtualization solutions.

  6. James says:

    “The chips aren’t artificially limited to 32-bit in hardware like Clover Trail, right? ”

    Correct, Bay Trail is 64bit… Intel is just limiting support because MS hasn’t gotten the drivers optimized for 64bit W8 yet…

    Specifically, support for Always Connected Standby isn’t available yet and so they’re waiting on that before they officially support 64bit for Bay Trail T… If they didn’t then there would be battery draining issues, among other problems.

    Though, in most cases they’ll stick to 32bit for Bay Trail T because of the 4GB RAM limit but you can install and run 64bit OS yourself, once the drivers are ready…

    While the only versions to be wary of for the Bay Trail T are the models ending with “D” as those are limited to 2GB, lower 1080P max resolution, and slower max 1.8GHz Burst/Turbo clock speed.

  7. animatio says:

    simply said … wait till after christmas. let the “fruits” ripen before making buying decisions. in any case, 32 mb, 32bit only devices with windows on top are toys, expensive toys btw.

  8. Elmstrom says:

    Chippy, with all the new “umpc” coming to the market, will you open up the forum aging? I can not be the only one missing it :)

  9. Chippy says:

    Possibly, yes. It was hacked recently but all the old data is still there. The big issue is spammers though. They take more time than i generally have.

  10. Chippy says:

    Have enabled the forum at Its not 100% ready but you should be able to log in with your exisiting password. I would appreciate it if you could test it out. Chippy.

  11. Elmstrom says:

    Great! i am able to log in :)

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