Asus UX302LG Gaming Ultrabook Reviewed

Posted on 17 October 2013 by

asus zenbook ux302lg review

Asus’ latest Haswell Zenbooks are starting to hit the market, and the UX302LG gaming Ultrabook has been reviewed by — as usual, Asus manages to impressed with the sleek Zenbook form-factor, but is it worth the price?

The Asus UX302LG gaming ultrabook is essentially a continuation of the UX32VD, but this one has Haswell inside, along with a refreshed version of Nvidia’s discrete GeForce graphics. There are also some aesthetic changes to the unit, including a darker metal and a Gorilla Glass lid. has a great review of the Asus UX302LG, including a summary video which you can see here:

Asus is definitely still leading the pack with head-turning style and sleekness, though the flex seen on the lid was quite disconcerting, especially for an Ultrabook of this price.

The variant of the UX302LG reviewed above has a 1920x1080p IPS display, but Asus says that a whopping 2560×1440 resolution display will be available alongside the Intel Corei7-4558U Haswell processor with HD 5100 ‘Iris’ Graphics and the discrete Nvidia GeForce GT 730M. Of course, when that variant (or any of them for that matter) will become readily available is anyone’s guess — Asus isn’t exactly known for their smooth rollouts.

The UX302LG performs well and gets high praise from the reviewer who called it “definitely one of the best Ultrabooks I’ve encountered so far,” but notes that the unit will run around $1600 when it becomes available.

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  1. asusfan says:

    he complains about the power button, however can’t you set it to do ‘nothing’ in the power option within the control panel?
    In windows 7 you can.

    Shouldn’t be complaining about something which can be switched off. (if win8 allows this)

  2. Eduard Gotwig says:

    You’re right.

    I dont buy the notebook for the Software, but the hardware, handeling, etc.

    ASUS still cant influence a lot the software, its M$ fault..

  3. Eduard Gotwig says:

    They didnt learned their lessons.

    It has nearly the same case like the UX32VD and their other older models, which quickly became very hot, and loud….

    I had too much problems with the old ones, I even sent my own back, so I won’t buy a notebook which looks like the same thing, but just with better specs… and well its 600€ more expensive, and only got a better CPU / GPU and some more RAM.

  4. Touko says:

    In an industry that has only seen everything getting cheaper year over year for decades, the price jumps of this year’s models are nothing short of extraordinary!

    Either they are the first signs of inflation / stagflation hitting the consumer market, or else they are testament to declining shipments forcing higher prices. You take your pick…

  5. Touko says:

    I’ve tried the 301 Model in the store.

    The reflective display is annoying, couldn’t they copy Lenovo’s non-reflective touch screen tech?

    Second complaint is also about the display: not only does it flex, the cohesion between the chimp glass and the rest of the lid leaves something to be desired, as the glass noticeably separates from the frame at the corners, when you open it by just grabbing one side of the lid, rather than making sure you grab it at the center.

    Even Sony’s VAIO Pro units, which I thought were of rather precarious stability don’t have this kind of issue.

    After all my anticipation, I still prefer last year’s Samsung Series 900x3c / 900x3e / 900x3f models without touch screen, which are also brighter than either the Vaio Pro or Asus’ 301 / 302 displays

  6. Mike says:


    Hmmm, I haven’t noticed that (the cohesion you’re mentioning) on any of the 301s and 302s I’ve seen. And I’ve had 3 of them around. Maybe there was something wrong with that unit? As for the flex, yes, it’s there, but I’ve definitely seen worse

  7. Touko says:

    And hey, you’re short on news, huh? This is still the newest article since October 17th!

    I just ordered a Dull Venue 8 Pro with 64GB without finding a proper review! Very risky indeed! I will blame you if it sucks ;-)

  8. Darren says:

    Thanks for your great reviews! Especially the videos!

  9. Jason says:

    I was wondering where did you buy the UX302LG? Is it available in the US or in Taiwan?

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