What's your favorite Baytrail product so far?

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There are nine Baytrail products about to launch and I’ve detailed them all in this post. If money wasn’t an issue and if all of these mobile Windows 8 options were available tomorrow, which one would you choose?

The first of these new tablets and 2-in-1 devices will be available next week. Pre-order has already started!

Some of the products are already in our database so click the links in the poll for more detailed info.

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  1. Mike Cane says:

    Oops. I think I hit the wrong entry. Wanted the Dell Venue 8 Pro and might have voted for the larger one. The Miix 8 might have gotten a vote except nothing is really yet known about it. Is Lenovo waiting for the Windows 8.1 sale day to announce?

  2. efjay says:

    There’s also the FUJITSU STYLISTIC Q584 just announced and seems the only one so far that has 4GB RAM. http://www.fujitsu.com/fts/products/computing/pc/notebooks-tablets/superior/stylistic-Q584/index.html

  3. Johnny says:

    Pavilion 11 X2 is supposed to have 4gb. I may forgo the stylus and go with this. The 11.6 is also preferable to the Q584’s 10.1. If the Venue 11 had 4gb that’d have been perfect.

    Bottom of page:

  4. Chippy says:

    efjay – Thanks. I’ll get an article together on that!

  5. tesaguy says:

    Can’t deciced between the Asus T100 and the Dell Venue 8.
    But clicked for the Asus T100.

  6. StrongTexan says:

    Voted for the Venue 8 Pro. I’m a little surprised Lenovo has kept the Miix 8 under raps. Lately they have been leaking just about everthing else. I wonder if this means Lenovo is taking a wait and see approach on the 8.

    For me, the 8 inch windows 8.1 with stylus form factor seems ideal. I intend to use it for meetings to replace the old school pad and pen. It will make a great BYOD accessory as there are certain work networks that I can access with my own device but most of them only play nice with Windows. Yes, there are other work arounds, but in my line of work it is often best to play by the rules! This should allow me to eliminate one possibly two other devices in my life (and, of course, the pen and pad).

  7. Vyacheslav Lanovets says:

    I think 8″ inch screen is ok only for 3:4 aspect ratio – i.e. iPad Mini.

    For Windows Bay Trail I prefer 10.1″ Fujitsu Arrows Tab QH55/M.
    If Fujitsu release it with 128GB option I am definitely buying it.

    Of course, first I want to see what replacement Lenovo makes for TPT2. TPT2 has another superfeature – MicroUSB charging.

  8. JeCh says:

    Still no replacement for my Viliv S5. :-( I would like to see something smaller that would fit into pocket. 7″ with a minimal bezel is the biggest size.

    Also the possibility to install another OS (Kubuntu with Plasma Active or Ubutnu Touch) is for me a very important thing.

  9. Fish says:

    I’m looking at Bay Trail tablets with full size USB so it’s either the Dell or Fujitsu (the Dell has more perks going for it).

    Waiting to find out the specs on the Lenovo Yoga Tablet. If it has a full size USB then I’ll want to know if it puts out 5W or only 2.5W like the Thinkpad 2 (couldn’t use larger devices that didn’t power themselves such as external hard drives).

  10. sophocha says:

    see the brochure…’the usb is for data transfer and trickle charge only!’….WHAT? does that mean that it won’t connect to any external devices?

  11. sophocha says:

    im talking about the dell venue 8 pro

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