ASUS Transformer Book T100. #2 Best Selling Notebook on Offer at $379. In Stock Now.

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91MZRji2XsL._SL1500_ [US-focused post] The ASUS Transformer Book T100 has been hugely successful. The 64GB version is now the #2 best selling laptop on Amazon. On our product database we’ve seen it sell faster than any other product. Today, readers from the USA can pick it up for just $379.00. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen so far. Buy now, get it tomorrow!   Incredibly, the T100 is the 16th best selling computing product at Amazon and that includes tablets! If you want a quick overview, take a look at the video below and the article here. Read through the Amazon reviews too. 4 out of 5 stars is pretty impressive.We’ve got a bunch of links to reviews on our ASUS Transformer T100 information page. Buy the T100 here.


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  1. lostidentity says:

    This is exactly what I hoped would happen. So many people getting windows 8.1 tabs and transformers this holiday that next year developers should stop snubbing windows 8 for apps.

  2. chippy says:

    Exactly. Big numbers of sales im exactly the right segment changes the economics for developers.

  3. Dave says:

    This is great. Asus hit the sweet spot price wise and what you get for your money with this machine really is a lot more than similarly priced iOS or android machines. Only problem I see is asus have pulled a fast one on EU customers with their RRPs over here, £349 for the 32gb model is not a price to see similar success this side of the pond. I imported a 64gb for just over £300 and am now glad I did

  4. Tom says:

    How did you import the tablet? Like you im shocked by the price jump that has happened when these devices cross the atlantic, only the encore seems to be resonably priced at £249 but the T100 is just rediculous

  5. sophocha says:

    now for $349! wow…I should have waited! I got mine for $399

  6. Nix says:

    $349 is the price for the 32GB model. $399 gets you a 64GB version. I’m sure you did okay, unless you paid $399 for the 32GB model.

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