Fujitsu Stylistic Q584 Baytrail Tablet Hands-On and Price

Posted on 05 November 2013, Last updated on 05 February 2014 by

With 2560×1600 resolution, a digitizer, 38h battery, rugged build and more, this Baytrail tablet is unique. At the Fujitsu Forum today I had a change for hands on. The specs are already in the database here so let’s get straight on with the video and pics. Let us know what you think below but first, here’s the starting price, without keyboard. Approx. 1150 Euro.

Unfortunately the keyboard dock was not available for testing.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q584Fujitsu Stylistic Q584 (2)

Fujitsu Stylistic Q584 (5)Fujitsu Stylistic Q584 (7)

Fujitsu Stylistic Q584 (8)P1150964

18 Comments For This Post

  1. JohnCz says:

    I’m confused, is it not the case that most Core based tablets sold in europe (Surface 2, Sony Tap 11, etc) cost less than this baytrail unit. You can’t tell me the price is all because of that screen.

  2. JohnCz says:

    Maybe its the “rugged” ness that lets them justify this. Too bad, it really looks good from afar.

  3. Kyle says:

    Fujitsu is just and unjustifiably overpriced company. A rugged tablet should maybe be like $100 more but not much. Their previous generation was priced 300+ above the competition as well. They price their stuff like they think they’re apple or something.

  4. nightfire says:

    The price of Fujitsu products is much higher, because the development and manufacturing is on location in Germany and Japanese. So the costs are much higher. When you compare the products from Germany with competitor products from China/Asia you see high difference in Quality and Lifecycle!!

  5. Moras says:

    Can this boot a 64-bit Linux OS that is UEFI and Secure Boot compatible? Of course, I’d be buying the keyboard dock with it.


  6. LinuxUser says:

    I’m also very interested in a Z3770 tablet with 4Gb of RAM capable of booting Linux.

  7. Me says:

    Hopefully, this doesn’t have a bad UEFI implementation that’s hardcoded to only look for 32-bit bootloaders like the ASUS T100.

  8. Jay says:

    I’d like to see one of these with a bootloader that can boot live installations from Micro-SD Cards that would peak my interest..

  9. John says:

    For the same money–>1600AUD converted:
    1)Clevo based 13 inch FHD laptop with Haswell M4700 and GTX765M and 128GB mSATA SSD
    2) Nearly Three HP Omni 10, which is same processor and 1080P screen, perhaps 64GB version?
    3) A good gaming desktop. Bring your own case and PSU, and get a sli-ed GTX770(500 each, optimistically)
    4)Buy GeChic 1080P battery powered 10 inch touch monitor(550$) + APU 6800K miniITX computer(300$) + a 200Whr battery pack(200$) = A “modular” tablet with much MUCH higher spec than that tablet.
    5)2* Galaxy note 3, I got mine at 690.
    6) A Cintiq13HD with a cheap laptop to use it with

    Can somebody please PLEASE explain to me how that price is bloody justifiable? Want Rugged? get a IP67 case for your phone and tablet, and even that is still cheaper. 2560×1600? Please, I got Google Pixel screen LP129QE-1 for around 100$, plus a hacked LED psu which I would price it at cents, a LCD controller from some chinese OEM 100$. That price is hideously high.

  10. infotechmaestro says:

    i think this is closer to
    better check out..

  11. Chippy says:

    I had some discussions with Fujitsu about the price and told them it was shockingly high but with the Q583 they have a unique product that they are aiming at business so how can we, as consumers, argue? If you’re a Fujitus business customer you’ll be getting discount and the only measurement of value is not the price but the business benefit – TCO. Obviously Fujitsu think that nothing can compete with this product in certain customer scenarios.


  12. John says:

    Haha, that makes sense. A lot of graphics users buy 500$+ graphics drawing tablets that should really be 200$ range. Look at Cintiq13HD, 1000$+!
    I think we need more competition in that area.

  13. Anfanglir says:

    right size and weight, rugged, good connectivity, decent battery, good screen, active digitizer (in silo!), GPS… oh this look like the ideal machine for me.

    Price comparison with similar hardware is interesting. Explaining that you can buy something completely different for the same sum of money is not so.

  14. someone says:

    It’s funny how OEMs charge so much money for “business” devices where they’re not much different from consumer ones. It’s just that most businesses just pay these prices because it’s not much compared to other costs which OEMs take advantage of. There’s probably some discounts in increments of 1 K units but I’m sure it’s still expensive.

    From my consumer point of view, the only stand out feature of this is IF you can install and boot Linux.

  15. D T says:

    Are you sure it says ethernet? That logo seems to mean USB and not ethernet. Look at it and compare to the one next to it, which says “micro” and then the same logo, so that one is Micro USB, and thus, the one next to it is some USB port (just proprietary and requires some adapter). I could be wrong if they want to use some non standard logos.

    Fujitsu has always been very expensive, but they have been making tablets in the 90’s when few others were, and had a foothold in the vertical market (that consumers do not know nor understand, but I was involved briefly/partially in that then and have seen Fujitsu tablets). The price shock for now is because consumer devices have been much cheaper while vertical market products, have not (they are even higher than off the shelf commercial products). So this has always been Fujitsu market and thus the price.

    Worth it or not? I don’t know. But just like stuff made for aerospace and military, they cost an arm and a leg, but still they sell right? What are we to judge?

    People always do not understand why they can charge that much more. But then the same people complain when they were met w/ poor customer service. You see, in commercial / industrial market, customer service is usually much better. But there is a cost to it.

    But can be somewhat similar in consumer market, if you buy a Vertu phone, you get VIP customer service, it comes w/ the phone. If you buy a Note 3, you don’t, even though it is considered high end (or S4 for that matter). Same reason. It is not just for the hardware.

    Some comments here simply calculate the cost of parts. It’s silly. Do you go to a restaurant and just calculate the cost of the ingredients? May be you should just stay at home and cook for yourself then! Same reason.

  16. Osiris says:

    Its a shame they wont produce a non rugged model with maybe a 1080p screen because that should bring it down to an affordable consumer price.

    That being said they may be smart in abandoning the consumer market because with all these low cost baytrail tablets (and the race to the bottom) it would be very few consumers who would understand/tolerate paying $800 for the tablet (even though the specs/digitiser warrant it which we in this niche community know).

  17. Bilbo Baggins says:

    To those moaning about the price.. while I am loathed to defend such a high price, there isn’t really anything out there that compares to the combination of features this has; it is very close to the ideal detachable with existing technology.

    Compare it to the Surface Pro 2 for example- with that you get a more powerful system for a lower(!) price.. but look what you sacrifice; thinner, lighter, better battery life, integrated 4G, GPS, NFC, ‘rugged’/water/dust ‘proof’. All of that combines to make it a hell of a lot more mobile system. And while 1080P at 10″ is fine for me, it does have a higher res screen too. Also, compared to most other Bay Trail solutions you are still getting the active digitiser, 4GB RAM, and the fastest Bay Trail CPU available. And you have the full windows 8.1 that you get with the intel solutions (ie not surface/2, etc).

    I think there is a real case to be made that Bay Trail offers a better solution than Haswell for these types of systems, for a good number of peoples’ use cases. It seems to lack displayport and possibly USB3 though, both of which would be a real shame. If there were an attractively priced Bay Trail solution with 4GB RAM (I’m looking at you, T100!) then I think this would be easier to reject as an opulent waste, but for some reason OEMs seem to think selling full windows with a non-upgradable 2GB of RAM in 2013 is acceptable. I really don’t understand why they don’t even offer 4GB as an option when you buy. /rant

    It IS overpriced, but I see why they think they could get away with it given the competition. Hopefully in 6 months there will be similar solutions available for half the price.

  18. Jay says:

    This looked promising but for nearly 3x the price I could just as well do without the fancy screen and the rugged shell. At this point I am hoping Lenovo finally just gets off their asses and refreshes the Thinkpad Tablet 2… I fail to understand why it is so difficult to get a tablet like this with a wacom digitizer to market. If you figure the Asus T100 can be sold for $349 with a keyboard dock then it shouldn’t be difficult to make one with a wacom digitizer for maybe $100 more with this price along with the systems battery life they’d have the student market in the bag. I am just hoping Intel releases their iteration of android x86 so that I can have the best of both worlds in one tablet.

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