Fujitsu Q584 now available to order from US site starting at $879

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Its been a long wait but finally Fujitsu has posted the Q584 Windows 8.1 tablet on their US site for ordering with lots of configuration options to help you get the tablet just the way you want it.

For the base price of $879 you get an Atom Bay Trail Z3770 CPU powered tablet with a 10.1 2560×1600 display including Wacom digitizer (with on board storage for the stylus) at 400 nit brightness, Windows 8.1 32bit, Office Home and Student 2013, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC storage, Bluetooth 4.o and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n.

For ports you get 1 x USB 3.0. 1 x micro USB to adapter port, micro SIM, micro SD and a combo headphone/line out jack. For security you get a fingerprint sensor, TPM chip and LoJack support as part of the standard specification. Also included are 2MP front and 8MP rear cameras.

For additional cost you can add options like Windows 8.1 Pro, 128GB eMMC storage, GPS, NFC, docking cradle, keyboard cover, smart card reader, and WLAN (slated to be available in 2014). Up to 11 hours battery life is claimed from its 38wh unit, and it weight in at 1.4 pounds and measures 10.51 x 7.12 x 0.39/0.55 inches.

Fully specced out the Q584 comes in well over $1000 but this is par for the course for Fujitsu equipment, but it does raise the question if devices like the Surface Pro 2 should also be considered alongside the Fujitsu. If its still for you head over to the Fujitsu site to place your order.


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  1. Kyle says:

    Who on earth buys anything from fujitsu? They literally look at the competitor and decide to add some things that 99% of people don’t care about (ex. QHD screen on an atom) and charge ridiculous amounts more for it. Who’s paying upwards of a grand for a atom based laptop? They need to stop making things

  2. User says:

    I’d buy this tablet if it’s possible to install GNU/Linux on it.
    QHD is awesome if you are a photographer (I am), digitizer is also cool in many cases, much better that capacitive touch screen, awesome wireless options, 4 gigs of ram. Besides that it’s waterproof.

  3. Eric says:

    I think it is way too simplistic to dismiss this just because it does not have an i5. The atom allows it to be thinner, lighter AND have better battery life all at the same time. It has the fastest atom available, as fast as a 3 year old MacBook Air, alongside 4GB RAM, so it is not exactly useless.

    The surface pro has options for more RAM and a bigger SSD than this. This has options for 4G, GPS, NFC. Both have the wacom digitizer, and this has office, is splash proof. All of these seem very useful to me. I’m not that bothered about increasing the screen res above full HD, but I’m sure that for many use cases it will be more beneficial than the faster processor of the SP2.

    If I had around $1K to drop on a detachable, I would have to think about this as well as the SP2. There is a solid case to be made that this is the best detachable available, dependant on your use case.

  4. Agent1219 says:

    Fujitsu makes commercial grade equipment so they are catering to business users. This is why the tablet is rugged with the waterproofing. Its designed so someone working in the field could use it, even if its raining.

    Personally, I will not buy an Atom anything but I am anxiously awaiting for the Fujitsu Q704 to come out which is available with i5 or i7. Is it going to cost a lot more than the Surface Pro 2? Probably but I’ll pay for the quality and design.

  5. Alan says:

    I’d buy this when I can install 64-bit Linux on it and it comes with a non-white color. Preferably a matte graphite color. Same for the keyboard dock. When has white become popular for business targeted devices? It’s certainly not popular at my workplace.

  6. Moro says:

    Other than being white, seems like a nice device.

  7. Laurinda says:

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