Samsung Pushes 12-inch ‘Pro’ Tablet, Running Android

Posted on 07 January 2014, Last updated on 08 January 2014 by

Multi windowing, collaboration, ‘full size’ virtual keyboard, digitizer, and performance with a 12-inch screen. Sounds like an Windows Tablet right? No, Samsung have launched the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, a 12-inch tablet running Android.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

We don’t cover Android devices on UMPCPortal and we raised a little smile when we read the ‘pro’ bit but, and this is serious, we are watching the segment carefully. Multi Windowing is surely something that’s going to be baked-in and focused-on in Android and when you think about 12-inch devices that weigh 750 grams today, you can imagine what will happen in the future. The sub-500 gram tablet is not far away and when it arrives it opens the door to some really interesting 2-in-1 use cases. It’s the device you’ll want on the arm of your sofa as you watch TV.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Specifications

  • 12.2-inch screen
  • 2560×1600
  • LTE
  • Up to 64GB of storage
  • 3GB RAM
  • 2.3Ghz Quad Core CPU
  • Wifi AC MIMO support
  • 9500mah battery (3.7v = 53Wh) for 10 hours usage
  • 7.95mm, 750gm

samsung Note Pro remotepc

I’m not going to put an opinion out there on this product right now but I will say that we need to watch the large-screen tablet space and watch Android develop in this area. Android SmartPCs will be back soon.

So what’s the lightest 12-inch tablet we have with Windows today? Well the Sony Vaio Tap 11 isn’t far off at 780 grams. The Ideatab Lynx with its 11.6-inch screen was just 640 grams. Watch out for the 500gm 12-inch tablet and 500gm keyboard dock in 2015!

Slashgear have had a hands-on look at the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. Let us know what you think about this segment below and bear in mind that there’s a 10-inch and 8-inch version of this product.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. JAkub says:

    Many people need to see Windows to expect productivity. But there are many companies, where working on the go or from home office means connecting with something like Citrix etc. It is not only the office work and emails. Even something like software development is these days very often done using cloud based hosts. So for a productivity use, I cannot care less whether the device runs Android, ChromeOS, iOS or Windows and I actually think there is only small market space for 8″ Windows tablets. The only important aspect is the ergonomics, portability etc. – not the OS. Give me good screen/keyboard/pointer and I can do my job. But on the other hand, that also means that I couldn`t care less about S-Pen, multi-windowing and Samsungs enhancements to Android.

  2. digi_owl says:

    Samsung and Google should have a long hard chat about bringing that multi-window thing to Android proper.

  3. Alex says:

    Small correction: 3.7 V * 9500mAh = 35150 mWh = 35.15 Wh

    If it did have 53 Wh with a single cell / two cell in parallel battery it would have approximately 14.3 Ah capacity.

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